Obvious theme ignorance 101

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, coming to you today from beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada so this will be a brief post and I won’t have a scan.  I can add it when I return to Americaland tomorrow.

OK, what have we here – Calmac!  I had a pretty awesome failure last time out with Calmac, so let’s see where I can go wrong this time.  This Listener came out while I was on the road, heading to Charlotte for the ROC Race (were I also spectacularly failed).  So I was mostly doing this on a friends sofa while he was complaining about a sore tooth.

What have we here – misprints in definition, and there’s a LOT of clues here  Big grid with small entries mostly (ooo eerr).  These give an instruction… hmm, so it looks like we’re in real word territory which is a good thing when I don’t have Bradfords and the like with me.

There is a 1 across and although it looks pretty obvious now, I could not see it at the time, so that was a fail on the 1 across test (oh dear).  Much better luck on 5 across, an anagram of TASER and we’re away (though I incorrectly put in that it delivered JOLTS).

Since I had an entry in the middle, I started working from there and something became clear pretty quickly – SARAJEVO BOSNIA was hiding in the middle column.  Erudite, worldly people at this point probably cottoned on to the theme, I jotted it in and wondered what on earth Sarajevo was significant for.  Wasn’t there a Winter Olympics there once?

Moving over to the left side of the grid, there’s another long unclued entry at 1 down, and with FOR,DS now figured out it looks like it’s going to be FRANZ FERDINAND.  Isn’t that a techno group?

Oh… he was murdered around 100 years ago, right?  Did it happen in Sarajevo?  Shouldn’t I have known this?

Yes, he was, and the murderer appears to be lurking in the other side of the grid, GAVRILO PRINCIP – which was needed to get some pesky answers out in the Florida corner.  OK, so now we have a grid and a message.  And Sarajevo’s probably part of it.



What’s an EJELT?

Can tasers do something than JOLTS?  VOLTS (and is taser in Chambers?).  Aaaah so 12 isn’t to RAIL it’s to RAIN.  And now it’s an EVENT that occurred near a river.  In Sarajevo.

So the Wikipedia article on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand has no details of the name of the river.  There’s an APPLE BRIDGE (nowhere to be found).   Earlier on I’d noticed JACK quite close to 22 across (it was the title of the puzzle after all, may as well pay attention to that part of the grid).  So a bit more online atlassing and there it is – the MILJACKA… and the abbreviation R to make the shape of a cross.

22 is VERMIL which is red, so I highlighted my cross in red, I thought there might have been something to do with the formation of the red cross, but that was another time altogether.

So woohoo! I think I got this all sorted out and in, and I learned some stuff I probably should have known anyway, so thanks Calmac!

Feel free to laugh at my ignorance and see you next week when Jago tells us that it’s time to go home, since it’s over here.



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