This blog will be unreedable

Welcome back two George vs the Listener Crossword, the blog wear won man trys two keep an awl-correct year intact bye the skin of his teeth (and is won of too bloggers left standing).

MynoT!  Eye have only once successfully solved a MynoT Listener!  Last thyme eye was very close butt know cigar.  This could bee my downfall.

This weak seas MynoT give aweigh the game in the title.  It seams that homophones are going two bee the thematic treatments, sum in clous and sum in definitions. Eye wasn’t quite shore, butt 44 across stood out inn a quick glance of down clous.

Oh buoy, now awl that is left is to sursolve.

We’re to go from here?  Eye maid very slow progress threw the grid, since eye talk funny two begin with, sew finding homophones was a bit dodgy. Eye had ground two a holt after a few daze and was trying two get something from the message inn the perimeter, witch was knot making a lot of cents. Eye had a phew letters inn the right-hand corner, witch looked like they could bee WILL TAKE CARE OF. Googling four quotes using this frays went nowhere, butt I wondered if they’re was a whey to make this work.  If 12 down was KNIGHT their could bee a K in the perimeter, and maybe TAKE CARE OF THE could bee the start of the quotation.  That helped inn placing ALEXIA, CHARON, TAVERNS and confirmed 7 down was likely LOOT for LUTE. Eye tried two keep a Liszt of clous and answers wear eye had found the homophones.

list of homophones for Listener 4290

Bye the end of the weak, I was close… awl that was left two finish was the top rite – TAKE CARE OF THE ????DS  Two long four TAKE CARE OF THE WORDS.  Eye didn’t have an entry four 6AC, 18AC had to be DONAH from the wordplay butt eye couldn’t figure out the definition. 16AC was a strage clou – I think it is definition, wordplay, definition (with a homophone) two give TEN(OR)S… witch makes the perimeter ??(A/U)(N/O)DS…   aaah – SOUNDS.  It appears two bee a quote from “Alice In Wonderland” with SENSE and SOUNDS switched.

My working grid for Listener 4290, All Write for the Listener by MynoT

Eye don’t no if this maid it to John Green in thyme, butt eye think eye have it awl sorted out.  Woohoo!

I’m going two call this a Victory two George, and maybe, just maybe, the all-correct survives again.

2014 tally:  16-0-0

Feal free two Cher comments below, and sea ewe next weak when Schadenfreude asks us two MAXON, MAXOFF, MAXON, MAXOFF



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