In sight and in flight!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, your source for late reports on Listeners from three weeks ago.  And three weeks ago I was on my way to (yee-HA) Dallas, Texas for a week, with Now You See It in hand.  I hope Mr E. is OK, since I think we all know that Morbid March continued after this one.  I’ve tagged my previous battled with Mr. E – you can read all about them in the tags at the bottom.

What have we here – five jumblies, one showing where the other four might be found, and something to highlight.   OK…

I’m on a plane with Bradfords, and with Chambers on my laptop, so I’m up up and away.  There is a 1 across and it sure looks like ASS,WAGE which might have a significantly different meaning these days, but a big pass on the 1 across test and we are away!

Good start too, since 1 down looks like H,A,W(i)SE, meaning one of the 1s is a jumbly.  2 down looks like POTATO SEED, so it’s probably 1 across that’s the jumbly one. But 3 is WIT,HER and 4 is AL(l)TO so maybe I’m missing something… could it be both HAWSE and POTATO SEED that are jumbled?

Yes, I got most of the way through the top left hand corner before realizing the obvious – it’s not POTATO SEED, it’s SEED POTATO and 1 down is a jumble.  Hmmm… there’s “a different sense” in the preamble and I can jumble the middle of HAWSE to make SAW – are we putting senses in the words?

The clues were fun but not too too difficult and the grid filled up quickly in the waiting room for my second flight.  36 was a beast – clearly a jumbled clue, but I couldn’t work out the original entry.

Hmmm…. so as I boarded for my next flight, I was at this point

– most of the grid filled

– HAWSE became ASHWE, LETTER became TREETL, LINNET has to be either ILENTN or TLENIN

– no idea what was going on at 36

Up in the air again, fish out the grid to ponder… “sense” in the preamble had to mean something.  36 looked like F?NS?G?TAC?LE.  The last part is close to TACKLE… aaah, it’s FISHING TACKLE… but it’s not totally jumbled like the other ones.  It could jumble to fINSIGHTackle so there’s the sense… and S(ILENTN)IGHT works for LINNET… S(ASHWE)IGHT, S(TREETL)IGHT and that last one that I hadn’t solved looks like it could be S(TAGER)IGHT so it’s GRATE?

Phew… it was nice that the jumbles went in exactly the same place in SIGHT… so now I’ve got to look for something that would fit in S|MELL or T|ASTE… TASTE looks like a better option of those two… I hope it’s going to be easy to spot.

AHA! Thankfully it was early on in the across answers – PHOTO could become T(OOTHP)ASTE!  Woohooo!

I scanned my grid but uploaded the wrong one when I started writing this blog so later I’ll put in my scribble grid.  I think I have this one sorted out, and it was in the mail as soon as I got back from Texas (hopefully just making the deadline).  Victory to George – and it appears the all-correct may even be safe half-way through March. Yikes!

2014 tally:  11-0-0

Feel free to tell me that there’s something like S(NARD)MELL that I missed, and I’ll see you next week when Morbid March goes out with a robbery bang!


2 Responses

  1. There was the other option of “Hand-rearing” but it was just an alternative solution. Shame one existed, somewhat spoils the puzzle.

    When can we expect the Year in Review, etc.?

    • I didn’t see that. Year and Review and Empty Grid awards for 2013 are up on the main tabs

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