Delay of blog…

Apologies in advance to regular readers, and in particular to eXternal, who sent me an email during the week, but things are not all well in GvL land.  Internet and cable have been out at my apartment, since Wednesday, rendering my scanner and printer to be large plastic chunks with blinking lights.  Three calls to the cable company later, they are finally going to send someone out to look at it, but it won’t be until the end of the weekend at the earliest.

I am existing off my smartarsephone now, making me even more like one of those annoying people who are constantly poking and swiping at their little devices.

See you all soon!

Oh, before I go… I thought I had a really nice clue in the Azed comp for CHARET, but I was undone by opting for NALLA instead of NABLA.  I chose the same split as one of the VHC clues.  Oh well…


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