And my head is usually up my arse, so we’re three of a kind!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, where you can have all your Listener chat, cricket moaning or bragging, and terrible jokes based on other’s hard-fought labour all in the one place.   Merry day after Boxing Day everybody!  The Melbourne Test is being bizarre, and we have Nudd to contend with.

We’ve met Nudd twice before – last time was Full Instructions Included where I figured out what was going on, but then fudged up one of the permutations.  Before that was a PUSHME-PULLYU in a Doctor Doolittle themed puzzle.  Based on the experience of solving those two puzzles and seeing there’s a 1,1,5 author involved in this one, I wrote to a friend offering a bet on it being A.A. MILNE.  He should have taken it!

OK, so apart from having thought I had one of the authors before even reading the rest of the preamble, what have we here?  Answers treated before going in grid.  Oh dear, non-real-word world where electronic aids become more difficult to use effectively. Two quotations, two authors, extra letters in wordplay.  I guess it’s time to cold solve.

There is a 1 across, but I couldn’t work it out for the life of me.  6 across I initially thought was PLA(IN)T with an extra E.

Things started to pick up when I saw PIASTRE, SALLET, and LEGMEN – extra letters BEG and so there’s something to do with BEGGING or BEGINNING (given the title, probably BEGINNING).  Later on in the acrossed I got IS and the last three give me END.  So quotes that have BEGINNING and END in them?

I didn’t solve very many down clues, but three of them I did get were in a row and gave me another END (although that was a little lucky, I thought 7 down was BOG,IE to start with).

Answers appeared to be the same length as the grid entries, so we’re probably in jumbles or the like somewhere.  Hmmm… let’s peek at ODQ for quotes with BEGIN and END in them.

What’s this? T.S. ELIOT (so much for A.A. MILNE) – IN MY BEGINNING IS MY END.  That looks promising… PIASTRE, LEME and ROUILLE would fit with ITERATIONS if the S from ITERATIONS was moved to the front as was the E from PIASTRE and the E from LEME.  That doesn’t work with ROUILLE, but if the R was moved near the end it would.

It took a little more hunting to find IN MY END IS MY BEGINNING but that would explain what happens with ROUILLE.

I need to come up with a term for “I’ve figured out what is going on, now I just have to work out the rest of the clues”.  Let’s call it SUR-SOLVING for now.  I had to sursolve the rest of the grid, by writing out the possibilities based on checking letters and looking for words that fit.  I was nowhere near Nudd’s wavelength on wordplay, and I still don’t really know what is going on with HAIRPIN or COLLECT beyond the definition.

sursolving Listener 4271

sursolving Listener 4271

HAIRPIN has to be right to complete the altered M STUART – fortunately there was only one unchecked letter in COLLECT so I think we have a grid.

My working grid for Listener 4271, Extreme Behaviour by Nudd

Woohoo!  That was a rather fun set of paired quotes, and I managed to sneak in via the quotes, but man was that a lot of sursolving at the end.  I believe I can call this one a Victory to George.

2013 tally:  36-7-6

Three more to go in the year and the last one should be out now!  Feel free to tell me I don’t know my hairpin from my collect, and see you next week when Kea relives one of my favorite Goodies episodes ever.


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