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Welcome back to George vs the Listener crossword, and what will hopefully be a turning point from the last few months – I’d been working a pretty heavy Friday morning schedule, so my old routine of having an hour or so free just before the new Listener arrives comes back to me next week.  Whether that means I’ll be on time or not is another thing.  I’m also recovered enough to type two-handed, though I cant lift my left hand up to the keyboard, so I kind of lift it up with the other hand and let it rest on the keyboard and hope it sticks.

Enough of my decrepitude, there’s a Listener lurking – though the solution has been out for nearly 12 hours I’ve been resisting temptation to peek.  It’s Dysart – now last time with Dysart I had a solution I thought worked but didn’t in Prize and Prize-Winner.  I did complete the Father-Brown themed Trailblazers, I had a silly mistake in the piratey Refrain, but got Child’s Play (one of my top for that year).  The less said about Songspiel or Mercury’s Whereabouts the better – so Dysart is a setter I enjoy, but seem to have a habit of messing up on.

What have we here – clashes, things to identify and change later on, and a quote.  So apart from clashes, it looks like all real words in the grid and normal clues, so I might be in luck here!

There is no 1 across, it’s part of the theme, so we have to apply the 5 across test – and this time we have a win – with FED,A,YE(m)EN getting us going.  Although my starting point was in the top right corner, I seemed to work more towards the bottom left, with most of those clues falling pretty quickly, as wellas the first clash of SHABUOTH with BANIAN.  Another clash with MOOI and NARNIA and it looks like there could be clashes on the diagonal…. Hmmm… S/N, T, A, N/I, ?, E, Y, ?, A, ?, ?, W, I, N… STANLEY?  Maybe STANLEY BALDWIN?

Feeling bold – let’s look up Stanley Baldwin quotes in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations  (yay for online references through my school library).  This looks promising – THERE ARE THREE CLASSES THAT NEED SANCTUARY MORE THAN OTHERS -BIRDS; WILD FLOWERS AND PRIME MINISTERS.  Well CANARY looked like a possiblity at 1 across and TANAGER near the middle – so there’s two birds.  A trip to Bradford’s later and SULTAN emerges as a bird that fits the last unclued entry.  We are on to something!  LIPNU is now there as an anagram of LUPIN so there’s a wild flower – it can be matched with CALLA as ALCAL,and PINK as NKPI.  The Prime Ministers were a bit more of a challenge – I knew of HEATH and PEEL, but I had to go to Wikithingia to track down CANNING.

Now for the final steps – the easy one this time was the prime minister – with WILSON coming from the extra letters in the clashes.  A trip through the answers with unchecked first letters turns up CANNER becoming LANNER.  Now for the last flower – ILLY looks like it could be LILY as an anagram… but ILLY isn’t a noun…aaah, it’s the nouns for the wildflowers that are treated.  A bit over two hours after beginning, we have grid!

My working grid for Listener 4266, Special Protection by Dysart

Well I’ve checked my grid now and it appeared I have this one, so I can claim a Victory to George, and I may have sneaked one by Dysart, woohoo!  That was a fun use of the theme, and it was good to have an easier one while I was at the worst part of the recuperation process.

2013 tally:   31-7-6

Feel free to tell me to get my nouns in the right places, and see you next week when Quinapaulus makes us eat some German cereal (hitlerbix?).


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