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A listener one could really line up for a long time and attempt a toppling record with

Welcome back to George vs the Listener vs gravity.  Arm still in a sling, so single-handed ginger typing is the theme for the day.  Sigh…

Mr Magoo time!  And a belated congratulations for winning another Times Crossword Championship!  Only way I’d be competitive would be if you had to down a pint after each crossword, or maybe each answer.  I’ve not solved a Mr Magoo before though I’ve taken a few stabs at The Magpie puzzles.

Small grid, short set of clues… only certain letters go in, then there’s some dividing to do… ok

This came out at the start of a short break of mine, so the first solving session was in the back of a friend’s car while he was negotiating South Carolina roadworks.

There is a 1 across but I could not make heads or tails of it.  From the parsing I couldn’t quite tell if 8 was IMMENSE or IMMERSE. Rather than check crossing clues I kept going on the acrosses and saw PAIRINGS and UNBLOODIED straight off .  Hmm, back to crossings… 1 down is DISARM so D and I are confirmed.  2 is TOMBOYISH so either T or O are in.  4 is ICE CREAM so C is out and 8 has to be IMMENSE or else too many letters of ICE CREAM are needed.  UNKNOWN means that U and K are out.  At this point 9 looks like SOMEONE confirming O’s and S’s are in.  Hmmm…. D,M,N,I,S,E,O – could 1 be DOMINATORS making the top row DOMINOS?  I think it is.

AHA!  So there’s going to be eight of each of the seven letters in the grid and it will make a bunch of dominos!  A funny thing happened on the way to a full grid – I got stuck in the bottom half and counted letters – of the four empty grid spaces, three of them had to be D’s and the other an S – the S went at the end of SAWDUSTS leaving me with only D’s for my last spots (one was the last letter of 13 across, never did find out what that port was).

Now to partition.  This wasn’t too bad as there was only one spot for the double O’s, N’s and I’s.  A few more unique pairs followed – I made one assumption, that the double S had to be in the bottom right vertical in order to avoid two possibilities for IS.  In the end, here’s what it looked like.

my working grid for Listener 4262, One Across by Mr Magoo

Rather a fun idea and an interesting ending, but I feel a little sheepish getting it despite being none the wiser about 13 down.  I’ll check the solution when I post this, but I think I can call it a Victory to George.

2013 tally:  27-7-6.

Feel free to call me out on lack of port knowledge and see you next week when Sabre tries to get us coordinated

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