Finally, some screwing in the Listener!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, where setters devote hours and hours of effort and attention to be made light of in a few knocked-out sentences.  This week it’s Nod’s turn.  We’ve only seen Nod once before, in a puzzle I enjoyed, but made two silly mistakes in.  Interesting coincidence, that puzzle was one I printed after the last All-England RNIB Cup.  There’s another one coming up soon!  I’ll be there in electronic spirit.

What have we here – most (yikes) clues have an extra word, and some hints in the clues.  So it looks like we’re heading for all real words in the grid, and clues are mostly normal.

There is a 1 across, and it’s a fairly straightforward RE(CE)SS with extra Armenian.  Been a while since a hidden message started with an A – seems like most of them have been H’s or Q’s or Z’s lately.  The rest of the top left corner came together readily, with one more “no extra word” clue.  Since the letter pattern went S-TW at this point, I figured that the clues with no extra words are likely to be the breaks between words in the message.

With this revelation, it was a pretty steady march through the clues and the message.  About an hour later I had A NOVEL TWIST REVEALS TWELVE NEW WORDS and a complete grid.

Hmmm, OK – what now?  Something needs to be twisted I guess.  I don’t see any NOVEL, TWIST or OLIVER in the grid, so it’s got to be a shape somewhere – circles maybe?  CREW looks like it’s surrounding the centre of the grid – aaah, THE SCREW.  Moving each of those letters four places clockwise makes new words and they’re all dictionary words.

Honesty time – I’d heard of “The Turn of the Screw”, but did not know it was by Henry James, or featured a character named Jessel (you learn something every month).  Fortunately I didn’t need that to finish this one off, and we have a single-session, Friday solve!

My working grid for Listener 4259, Redraw by Nod

My working grid for Listener 4259, Redraw by Nod

Oooh, worpress has made some changes – my alt-text is doubled as a caption, and I can resize a picture in their picture edit page.  That’s pretty nice.  This was a fun little puzzle – thanks Nod and I think I can claim a Victory to George

2013 tally:  25-7-5

Feel free to tell me that I’m an ignorant uneruditic bastard, or that uneruditic isn’t even a word, and see you next week when Mango follows the screwing with nutting and bolting.


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