In which currency takes a pounding

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.  The last month or so at GvL central has been particularly chaotic, and I am way behind on my solving (more so in my attempts at blogging).  I haven’t even looked at the solution from last week in case there’s a chance tonight I can look at it again and see if I can get a little bit further in it.

This week we have Dilwitch… there’s only been one Dilwitch Listener so far, Downsizing, which had the gimmick of squashing repeated letters together – I said when I wrote that up that it reminded me of Waterloo – and looky what happened, we get Dilwitch and Waterloo back to back!  Another word-modification challenge – this time units of currency have to be replaced by other units of currency.   Final grid entries not real words so bye bye to Chambers Word Wizards this week.

Let’s get going – there is a 1 across, and it looks like a straightforward anagram to METACENTERS, which has a fairly noticeable CENT In the middle, so we have to replace three letters of it with something that’s in OVERWHELMING – taking three letters at a time there’s MIL which is from Cyprus where CENT’s have also been used.  METAMILERS and we are away.

George has been living in the US way too long moments… a few minutes later I got to 6 down which is clearly RISEN and the SEN has to be replaced by something from SWINGBOAT (same deal to get OBANG) but RIOBANG, which sounds like a Brazilian orgy, won’t fit with METAMILERS.  Same deal with 7 down which has to be UNITES with UNITE replaced by a three-letter currency… probably ECU.

Hey idiot – it’s not METACENTERS, it’s METACENTRES!

Not a lot else to say about the solving process, although I did use the anagrams on Word Wizards a fair bit to find some of the currencies that got replaced.  I laughed a couple of times, particularly the replacement of KILLING in DESKILLING with ORE, leaving only two of the original 10 letters in place.  I was also convinced from a first reading that 11 across was W,HACK but couldn’t find any currency there.  There is one leap of faith – I have no idea what the original answer is in 10 across – clearly PESO has to go in from being in POSTIE, and there’s only one unchecked letter, but I don’t know what the original answer was.  About two hours in total for this one, making it one of the faster solves in memory.

My grid for Listener 4253, All Change by Dilwitch

And we’re back on track, at least for one week.  I started writing this hoping I could get it in on time, but Friday has caught up on me and the solution is out – I think I’ve got it.  This must have been a beast for M. Green to check, but I did not end up sending in my entry, so he was spared this one.  Victory to George!

2013 tally:  21-6-4.  Feel free to tell me that I should know an EPISTOLET when I see one (I looked at the solution on the Listener page), and see you next week when Waterloo corrects some form of gender bias.


2 Responses

  1. George, one of your quicker solves?! This one took me ages, and, as I said at LWO, I found it a real slog. A masterpiece of grid construction though.


  2. I think there were two things that moved it along for me – knowing there had to be currency in every answer (and they were duplicated, how many CENTs were there?), and what was a nice touch by Dilwitch but did make finding the extra words pretty easy – removing the extra word didn’t harm the surfaces of the clues, so there were usually only one or two words that could be the extra word. I was very much on Dilwitch’s wavelength with the clues.

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