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A limerick

In the Listener Carte Blanche by Lavatch

I learned my solving was not up to scratch

You think that I might

Have gotten one light

But I didn’t – so what was the catch?

My working grid for Listener 4252, Carte Blanche by Lavatch

2013 tally: 20-6-4

Feel free to give me a lecture longer than this blog, and see you next week when Dilwitch has us sitting on a street corner with a cup and a hand-painted sign.

2 Responses

  1. Not to worry, George – I did even worse, not having the few possibles you did. I was only reassured that I wasn’t starting to lose it by still succeeding with the ordinary cryptics.

  2. This one defeated me too, or at least I only found the finished grid after receiving a lot of help. A very clever grid construction but it seemed that you needed most or all of the clues answers cold-solved to put it all together, and my cold-solving (on clues of this sort of standard, anyway) wasn’t up to that.

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