In which Ruslan has the last laugh

Oh dear, it’s not going to be my week, is it?  I made a very silly pair of mistakes last week and so did not have a completely correct submission for Detective work, so the record takes a hit (I’m still going to claim a win for The Crossword That Never Made It Out Of The US).  I’ll keep it short this week as we have a posthumous Listener, a numerical by Ruslan.

Ruslan set four Listeners, all numerical – the last one was Number Or Nummer which ended up in my Hall of Shame with the Empty Grid Award for 2011.  I didn’t get a single number/letter in the grid!  Before that (and the only other one in the GvL days) was Beating the Bookies – I kind of got it, but I transposed some numbers in the grid, so the one I scanned and posted (which seems like it may have disappeared from my old account) wasn’t correct either.

We go from no preamble to one that barely fits on the first page of my printout! I won’t regurgitate it here, but it did seem like there were some pretty obvious entry points – 9ac has to be 8 (giving 16 as the grid entry), 8ac has to be 33 (leading to 39) and 18ac has to be 45 (leading to 54).

That gets me pretty quickly to nowhere… 19 should have been easy to work out, but two pages of scribble later I’ve come up with about half a dozen that fit.

And now as I’m writing my blog, three weeks after the puzzle, I see where I went wrong.  DOOFUS!  I was trying to solve 1 down as the 19ac possibilities minus 16, but I should have done them as minus 8 right?  AAAARGH!!  No wonder what I got for 1 down wasn’t giving me anything that makes sense later on in the grid.

Ruslan, you have the last laugh.  Victory to the Listener Crossword.

My grid for Listener 4229, Cleopatra's needled by Ruslan

2013 tally is looking pretty dire so far – 4-2-1

Feel free to point out that I should just give up here, admit lexical numerality patheticness, and if I don’t take your advice, see you next week when Quinapaulus gives us a tree to climb.



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  1. Well George you got further than me. My brain took a long walk at that point…

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