On bashing bishops

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, first post for 2013, so hi to all who made it this far, but we’re still talking about the tail end of 2012 in Listener crosswords with three to go.  Let’s see what Aedites has in store for us.  You may remember Aedites from early last year with Travel Guides giving us a trip around the Glasgow subway (a definite win), before that was some bell changing that I completely muffed with Question, more numbers than you could poke a number at with Euclid’s Algorithm and an almost complete circular grid with Babes.  So George vs Aedites is dead level.  On a more important note though, I sat with Aedites at the All-England 3D Crossword Competition (Eric, what was that thing called again?) in August of 2011.  He could be lucky, I think photos of us solving a crossword together may have disappeared with my last hard drive crash.  So hi Aedites!

What do we have here – normal clues, a quote running around the middle, some thematic answers that are not defined, and no clue for 29 down?  Oh, there is a clue for 29 down, it just doesn’t seem to have printed.  Hey my printer and Windows 8, why do you dislike me so?  Anyway, this is looking good, presumably it’s all real words except for those which are part of the thematic material which appears to be names.

I was in New York the week this came out, and got started on it during the plane trip home, so I was without Chambers, but with Bradfords and two uninterrupted hours.

There is no 1 across, but there is a 9 across and it’s an insertion to get PA(D)RE and we are away, woohoo!  I was making pretty decent progress on the clues, and only put a few question marks in to look up once I was by the dictionary.  I made an early error in putting in MOCHI at 4 down, it was definitely HI(D) at the end but I couldn’t figure out the book part, and MOCHI was the best sounding answer.

By the end of my first flight, most of the grid was in place and I could see TRUTH and HISTORY as possible words around the outside – 13 was most likely GREEN, and 31 ?INGSLEY which is probably KINGSLEY.  Running up the left hand side could be PACK OF LIES if it was Kingsley.

Hmmm… could I finish a Listener without Chambers at all?  When we were on the ground I had the intelligent phone out to get on Google and look up KINGSLEY, PACK OF LIES, HISTORY, TRUTH and GREEN.  Hmmmm…

This does appear to be an un-googleable theme.  The quote “History is a pack of lies” is attributed to Santayana and Voltaire, neither of which seem to help here.

KINGSLEY does appear to lead somewhere, to FROUDE’S HISTORY OF ENGLAND which seems to be connected to STUBBS (meaning 4 down is SUSHI), but I still can’t find those quotes.

Finally home – and when I’m home, I have access to the online Oxford Dictionary of Quotations through a library login.  ODQ to the rescue!  In a letter from Bishop STUBBS to GREEN

Froude informs the Scottish youth
That parsons do not care for truth.
The Reverend Canon Kingsley cries
History is a pack of lies.
What cause for judgements so malign?
A brief reflection solves the mystery—
Froude believes Kingsley a divine,
And Kingsley goes to Froude for history.

And so in go the quotes

My working grid for Listener 4220, Falsehoods by Aedites

What a fascinating quote, it made me want to go and read Froude’s History of England – it appears to be in the public domain (or at least in Google Books), maybe someday.

Interesting beast this one, about 90 minutes to get all but the thematic material and then a long hunt and peck process (which would have been shorter if I’d gone straight to ODQ). Thanks Aedites and I’m going to call this one a Victory to George

2012 tally:  39-3-7

Feel free to give me printing tips, and see you next week when Lavatch gives us a seasoning.



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  1. […] rare solver that I have met in person.  It has been less than a year since we last met Aedites, in Falsehoods with the tale of Froude and Kingsley.  Before that was a trip through the Glasgow subway in Travel […]

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