I wonder if Krhrushchev had the same problem I do…

Welcome back to George vs the Listener.  It never rains but it pours!  After last week’s internet fiasco, now my laptop appears to have died, so I’m on a borrowed laptop waiting to hear from the computer docs whether my poor old lappy can be revived.  Silly electronics.  I also have a cold, which I will blame on the computer gods being mad at me.  So we are on time this week, but being typed on an alien machine.  Hope everyone else is having better luck!

The day this came out, I was in an email exchange with a different setter and said I was hoping it was an easy one this week, since by the time it appeared, I still hadn’t finished the back nine of that golf course from last week.  I got back in email “it’s Raich, should be a breeze… for me”.  Now I believe we’ve already seen Raich this year, and we have – in April with Claim, echoing 20 years of “It’s the Sun What Won It”.  Two Listeners this close together means it must be something else timely. I snuck one up with Raich last time – having failed on OOOOPPPP, but got Les Six.

What have we here?  An asymmetric grid, some blocked off squares. Half the clues Letters Latent, half with an extra letter.  Letters Latent used to strike masses of fear in me, that’s not reserved for Play”fair” squares and bell changing.   Thematic locations… something to be moved.  Hmmm… this could be tricksy.

There is a 1 across, and a big success on the 1 across test – with AUG reversed and RAD to make GUARD plus an extra A.  I’m in the part of the world where there’s a LOT of basketball.  That crosses the only computer language that seems to pop up regularly in crosswords, ADA (A+ ADO rev, extra O), and we’re away.

Raich gave some nice gifts with the definitions, I found a lot of the words I was looking for in Bradfords (CURSITOR, FARCE as stuffing…)  and when ATLANTIC OCEAN appeared, with USA in the top right, and what looked like ARMAGEDDON and OCTOBER appearing in the grid, well anyone studying for US Citizenship (I just qualified, not quite in time for this last election unfortunately) knows, that means we’re looking at the Cuban Missile Crisis, with KHRUSHCHEV, CASTRO and KENNEDY – getting those helped clean up my last few entries in the bottom right corner.

One fish sauce later, and this appears to be done – USA, CUBA and USSR are the locations, and the MISSILES are relocated to the other side of the ATLANTIC OCEAN.   Two short solving sessions to get this finished, and then it was in the mail on Monday (along with the “One Shot at a Time”).

My working grid for Listener 4212, Resolution by Raich

Relieved for a quicker one, and a lot of fun to boot and I’ll call this a Victory to George.  Extra points for Raich for trying to get all those latent Ks, Hs and Cs…

I suspect Nikita K and I have something in common – nobody, particularly anyone we talk to on the phone, can spell our last names.  His because it’s a pain to spell, and me because even though I have a short name, it has homophones, and when I give it to people over the phone, in my Australian accent, apparently my E’s A’s R’s all sound the same.  I got a letter last week addressed to George Hiiid.

2012 tally:  34-1-6 – looking to be on track for this to be the best year so far in George v Listener – I have submitted every puzzle except Sad Hummer, so eventually I’ll get the John Green tally.

Feel free to tell me where I can shove my missles, and see you next week when Kruger encourages us to perform under the influence of spirits.  Way ahead of you, Kruger!



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