The Olympics took their motto from a Daft Punk song?

If you don’t know it (and I’m not sure if for you UK readers, it will play), just listen to this while you read the blog…

This may be an abbreviated post from now, I’m writing it in the departure lounge at Asheville airport.  There are perks to living in a small Southern town – the guy in front of me in the security line was of course trying to carry a knife on to the plane.  When informed that he couldn’t take the knife on to the plane, he asked what he was meant to do, and if they had storage lockers.  In the end, after a long and amusing exchange, he went back out through security to get his wife to come pick up his knife.  That rhymes!

Shackleton time!  Shackleton is also a part of Mango, but as a solo there’s been three Shackletons in this humble blog.  The last one was the Hemingway-themed Location, Location, Location (which by a weird coincidence I also blogged about at this very airport), the Beethoven piano-thingy Sine Qua Non, and a Pollock theme that I couldn’t get at all in Much Ado About Nothing.   So what does the strangely punctuated The Missing Vowels Round bring?

New class of evil – people who wear hats on to planes.  Particularly baseball caps that are far too small for their heads.  Has anyone ever gotten sunburned on a plane?  Or considered a plane (particularly the route from Asheville to Atlanta, both extremely fashion-conscious cities) a place to be discovered, except for your hair?  There are two very oddly-hatted people giving our gate agent a hell of a time.

OK, OK – misprints in definitions, leading to two sets of words, defining each other facetiously (one of my favorite words ever so thanks for slipping it into the preamble, Shackleton).  Antithesis and some vowels to show in the grid.  Looks like all real words (word wizareds at the ready!)  in this rather oddly-shaped grid for a Listener (18 x 11, which printed out with teeny-tiny squares on my printer).

There is a 1 across, and funnily enough, I think it appeared in another crossword that week – BATHS(HE)BA as David’s LOVE so we start off with a V and a nice juicy word in the top right.  Not only that but it crosses another good grid-starter BAR,BAR,A… maybe this should be a new test – the 1 across and 1 down test to see if you can get lots of first letter starts.

Hat-boy #1 just hassled gate agent again.  He really really wants to get on this plane.  I hope he’s not sitting next to me.

Another hatted individual has entered the gate-agent badgering sweepstakes.  This one has a baseball cap exactly the same shade of brown as his shirt, so maybe he’s hoping to camouflage himself on this plane.

I think the only time I’ve written a misprints clue was for an Azed competition that I did not win anything in, but I noticed in this one that there were a lot of misprints at the start of words, that made it easier to get the message.  It became clear rather quickly that there were some O’s missing (VICTR…) and we were heading for the Olympic world.  I managed to avoid the Olympics almost completely, only watching events when they were on in bars (just a second, in that case I think I watched rather a lot).

We’re boarding – so here’s the final grid, and if you want to hear more travel stories, check back later in the afternoon!

I’m going to call this one a Victory to George!

But of course I missed something – as pointed out in comments, I did not make the connection between the colors of the lines and the olympic rings.  I think on the grid I submitted, I might have even written “I hope you don’t want them in the colors, I don’t have the appropriate pencils”.  I did draw them very circular, but with the same color.

2012 tally:  24-0-5


2 Responses

  1. Sorry, George, but as you missed the significance of the message which indicated the rings’ colours you can’t claim a victory for this one.

  2. […] offerings, though I have had mixed luck on them – last year I completely blew The Missing Vowels Round by not shading in the appropriate colours.  Before that was Location, Location, Location, with […]

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