GeorgMe vs the Listener Crossword

Welcome back, welcome back.  I just realised that I scanned this one and left it, so the picture of the indecipherable scribblings may have to wait a few moments – I’ll put it up tonight.  Nudd time!  We first met Nudd last year with the Dr. Doolittle themed puzzle Cross-Reference last year, which I managed to sort out with some struggle, so a welcome return.

And another in the running for preamble briefness.  10 modifications, full instructions.  Intriguing – well let’s get cracking?  I did begin this one in my favorite pub, but it was some stealth solving – a friend wanted to tell me more than I cared to hear about her recent love life, and I was relived to sound like I was listening while grimacing into a beer and doodling away at this.  We did end up going to a concert and getting blizzeryboggeered afterwards so that works.  She survived the cycle home – I’m glad I walked, I don’t think I would have been very good on a bike.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

There is a 1 across and a big pass on the 1 across test as DIT,CHEERS gets us going. That is a nice start, since DRUPE, INVOLUTED, COL and ELBOWED met it rather nicely, and something has to be done to COL.  These 10 might be really easy to find if they all have a different number of spaces than the answer suggests.  Bugger – only 8 of them have different enumeration to number of cells.  Two will play hidey somehow.

It’s pretty clear one of them is DRUPS, as UNCOILD and ROLL-TOP do not play nice with DRUPE.

Well I’ve found nine to modify, just haven’t worked out how.

Back to the solving and the entering – these were some really fun clues – WEDGIE and ORGASM in particular in the acrosses were very much in the mold of clue (and answer) that I like. I had about two thirds of the grid filled before it was time for shenanigans.

Home and hung-over, it was time to look again… it was 21 down that gave the game away.  JUNKANOO (what a great word) would explain what was going on with CANOODLING.  And STIR-RUP would explain DRUPE being all messed up in the middle.  What a nifty idea!  I found 12 answers that looked like contenders













Hmmm, only 10 of them are needed (I didn’t have every single clue solved, and a few that were eluding me were the ones that needed modification).  Well the add and remove letters are pretty obvious, so let’s go with those…

Looks like we’re not going to need A-TO-P or ORG-AS-M, but I can use the latter at the top of the blog.

Two solving sessions, several beers and one headache later we are done and dusted – off it went in the mail (I think I mailed it at the same time as Oyler’s from the week before).  I got an email from Nudd that he got my comments, so hi Nudd and hope you like the blog.


Classic George dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb mistake.  I just checked the solution.

I applied ROLL-TOP to PROTEAN (yes, I know the letters in TOP are not together) and didn’t triple check to make sure 35 down was not TARTLET.  So we have a Victory to Nudd.  Well done, Nudd.

My grid for Listener 4191, Full Instructions Included by Nudd

Close but no cigar…

2012 tally:  17-0-4

Feel free to point out my mistakes, shortcomings and lack of attention to detail, and see you next week when Jago symbolises somethingorother.


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