King Lear on a box

Welcome back to George vs the Listener crossword… it’s been another week where things have come in a rush at the end of the week, so  I’m typing this up after the solution has been published (I haven’t peeked yet).

This week we have Quinapalus, whose website I have used over and over and over (including on this puzzle) to get solutions.  I particularly like the ability to have letter choices, or “find all words of length 12 that have an A and G in the middle and also contain X,D,EE,I” sort of search.  I didn’t know Quinapalus was also a setter, and it turns out there are two puzzles, both from before I started doing barred-grid crosswords.  So hi Quinapalus if you’re checking in!

I saw the four little grids and had nightmare flashbacks to BeRo’s puzzle from late last year that I couldn’t get a handle on, but a read of the preamble shows we’re in much milder territory, with answers being either Letters Latent, or appearing in one place and then another, no ambiguity there.  It also appears we’re in the realm of mostly real words.

I started with a reading of the width clues, and the only one that jumped out at me was ATROPIA becoming I in AORTA backwards and a latent P (sounds painful).  Nothing doing there, so I went to the Height and Depth clues.  Fared a lot better there – SARABANDE, STAMMERER and IN COUNCIL getting me going, and some rather generous checking getting me through most of the H&D answers.

Starting with that P in the latent letters, MY SHAPE came apparent fairly quickly which started me hunting down MY SHAPE IS quotes, which wasn’t getting me anywhere.  A little bit more back-and-forthing before MY SHAPE TRUE became apparent, and then I hit on it – MY  MIND AS GENEROUS AND MY SHAPE AS TRUE from KING LEAR.

I was proctoring an exam while doodling away on this (I had Chambers and Bradfords with me, and Quinapalus’ own site on the computer), and had a completely filled grid within two hours.  I knew what I was looking for and I could see fragments of the quote, but couldn’t at that time get my head around the rest of the quotation.

The next morning I was looking for some way to paste the mini grids on to a cube when I realised I was looking at the wrong thing entirely.  I’m not looking for MY MIND AS GENEROUS… I’m looking for the line before that… WHEN MY DIMENSIONS ARE AS WELL COMPACT – and there’s COMPACT running around the outside of Layer 4.

The rest of the quote was easily found not quite in time to make the Saturday post, but I believe I mailed this on the way to work on Monday.

My grid for Listener 4176, Small but Perfectly Formed by Quinapaulus

Rather fun crossword – I did not know the quote, but it all came together really well.  We seem to be in a run of crosswords that look like they must be a lot harder to set than to solve!

I have peeked at the answer now, and I believe my entry is correct, so I’ll call this a Victory to George, and thanks to Quinapalus for a fun, if brief challenge.

2012 tally:  5-0-1

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week when Xanthippe sends us to prison to make some number plates.


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