George vs the Azed Clueing Contest – MISTREATMENT

Welcome back to the occasional series where I enter clueing competitions with mixed results.  I entered the Azed January competition but then forgot to save my letter so I can’t remember for the life of me what my clue was.  Not so that February jigsaw puzzle, which was kind of frustrating to solve with the incorrect clue and the incorrect clue length in one case, to the point where I thought maybe there’d only be three entries and I’d be in with a chance.

Don Manley may be mortified to discover that we had exactly the same idea for writing a clue for MISTREATMENT – take MISTRUST, remove the US and replace with EAT MEN.  DM did come up with a much more concise clue for this idea, which is why he gets a VHC and I get nothing.  Here’s my clue…

Suspect forcing us to become a cannibal, maybe in cruel action (12)

I was sorely tempted to put the wrong enumeration in as a tribute to the crossword, but thought better of it at the last moment.

I have to take my invisible hat off to the winning clue though!  Tracey Emin’s “Everyone I have ever slept with” was one of the lowlights of a visit to the Brooklyn Gallery of Art to see the Sensation touring display.  Although it was fun to have to go past protesters and be given pamphlets on how I was going to hell just to get in.  The main cause of contention was the Chris Ofili Virgin Mary picture with elephant dung.

Congrats to those who made the cut, and feel free to share successes and failures!


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