Let’s go Greek!

Welcome back to George vs the Listener crossword, home to the most spectacular failed effort at an all-correct year in history.  I will, however, press on – who knows, maybe Mr. Green does not read this blog, or thinks my E’s look enough like H’s that I can get away with it.  The new goal is an all-correctish!  So let’s start with Zag

Zag is a brand-new setter to me (Hi Zag if you’re looking in).  Zig and Zag were ancient clowns on Australian TV in the 70s, so maybe one of them quit the duo to write crosswords.

The preamble looks straightforward, all clues have normal definitions, but wordplay to spinny versions.  There’s some undefined entries and something to find and highlight.  This is going to come down to how easy the clues are…

There is no 1 across, so no 1 across test.  There is a 9 across and it’s a nice softball for this new style of clue – SITS,U,E is TISSUE with the first three letters reversed.

Oh, funny story, I started this in the dressing room before an improv show, and I was getting quite a few of these out, and the rest of the group were yelling at me that I was due on stage and should put the fucking crossword down.  I did a pretty good show I thought, so maybe Zag’s spinning words got my improv brain going.

I did find I couldn’t spend long on this at any one time, the spinning words were making my head spin as well.

A few short sessions in and something was appearing – it looked like SPARTA,  CORINTH and ATHENS would fit in the unclued answers. It said all would be revealed in Chambers, so I took my electronic copy of the 11th edition and searched the three to see where they might be – lo and behold, there were the SEVEN SAGES, one of whom is BIAS.  The nine homes of the seven sages fit the unclued answers quite nicely, and there’s SEVEN SAGES running diagonally (in the opposite direction to where we are used to be looking).

Took a while to clean up the top right – with PILOT, DWELL and SLOP being the last to fall.  But by Tuesday, I had a grid that was looking good.

My grid for Listener 4173, Bias by Zag

Neat crossword, and I liked the method of mixing up the entries, though there were quite a few anagrams where the wordplay could have been almost anything.  But I learned something – and it was worth the work for clues like 32 across where BINGO becomes BOGNI!  Thanks, Zag.

So I’m going to call this one a Victory for George and tentatively set the tally for the year at 2-0-1

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week for Salamanca’s new literary entry.


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  1. […] written about already, wasn’t there.  9 to 5 by Zag.  We last saw Zag early last year with Bias and the story of the Seven Sages.  Lots of mutated words from the wordplay there.   In this one […]

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