Is it an orange butterfly or a butterfly orange?

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword and it appears that the all-complete is intact after one crossword. Yes!

Sticking to this regimen it was an early printoff and liquid lunch for the second Listener of 2012 – Fruitless Effort by Hypnos.  I hope we’re not going to have an all-fruit themed 2012, that would get tired quickly.  Not that I dislike fruit, though I’m not sure if I’ve had an ANANA or an ANONA.  I have had ACAI now (they’re pretty nice).  Maybe a challenge would be to eat all the Fruit in Bradfords.

Hypnos we’ve only met once in 2009 with a puzzle about porridge that really stretched me at that point.  I said late last year I was going to try to connect the title straight away, but nothing at all came out of looking at the title other than “more bloody fruit”.

OK, misprints (anywhere in a clue), quotation with something missing… doesn’t sound too onerous and for a second week in a row we’re in the “all real words in the grid” boat, woohoo!

There is a 1 across, but it was a big fail on the 1 across test.  Couldn’t work that out at all.   Ditto 6 across.  This is not looking promising.  In fact it took until WRIT(H)E to get something in there.  Fortunately that crossed with BATHORSE, one of my better brainwaves figuring it was some sort of HORSE and looking for places to substitute the R, and a grid started to form.

The wankerphone was my saviour time after time here – I know it’s sloppy solving, but there was an awful lot of retrofitting… could I make ALL BLACKS word?  SPORTS GROUNDS?  TRAUCHLE?  The bottom half of the grid proved to be the easier fill, and the key to the final puzzle.

I had AR–THN-T staring at me from the misprints in the down clues and it rang a bell from somewhere.  Of all things, a few weeks ago I was reading about satire in the Enlightenment.  Wasn’t there something written to ARBUTHNOT.  Google search on the wankerphone and I’ve got it!  It’s ALEXANDER POPE – EPISTLE TO DR ARBUTHNOT where we are asked WHO BREAKS A BUTTERFLY UPON A WHEEL?

The end of the liquid lunch left me with a two-thirds full grid, the source and it looks like there’s a butterfly hiding in there somewhere.

A second solving session (I like alliterative solving situations) got most of the rest of the grid out.  It was helpful to have the rest of these misprints in place (and a laugh when I saw BROTE, remembering the porridge reference (Hypnos, have you tried grits?  If you’re really looking for a bland warm filling but utterly tasteless dish, you should come this way and try the specialty).

A trip to Bradfords and there’s about four 16-letter butterflies, but there’s only two W’s in the grid, and one of them is next to EL… so tracing the rest of the CAMBERWELL BEAUTY worked just fine.

Small problem… what are 6 across and down and 38 across?

More blatant googling – I think it was “artists who drew horses” to discover STUBBS, and retroactively get the wordplay S, then BB in TUSK.  I’d had STOWE as a possibility for 6 down, and there’s a few mentions to STOWE SCHOOL around, but it does seem kind of obscure.  And googling “striker henry” gave me the head-smack moment, because I’d missed him in a Mephisto once, and then the wordplay is N in HERY.

So I think this all checks out – three sessions later, it’s in the mail on Tuesday.

working grid for Listener 4172, Fruitless Effort by Hypnos

Oh yeah, before looking up butterflies, I was trying to figure out how to make a butterfly shape in the grid with 16 cells.  Here’s the shaded glory.

My final grid for Listener 4172, Fruitless Effort by Hypnos

I was worried there for a bit that I’d never get those last three, but I think everything is in place and I’m going to claim this one as a Victory to George.  Weird but fun puzzle, Hypnos – if there’d been any thematic modification in the grid I would most likely have messed this up.

2012 tally:  2-0-0.  Current streak:  George 4.

Feel free to comment below and check back next week when Zag takes us on a game of lawn bowls.

Well that didn’t last long, did it. Should have looked up that the abbreviation for Belize is BH and not BE, and my finding BROTE and thinking it was a nod to the porridge puzzle was very clever and it was actually BROTH.

Updated tally 1-0-1 and the all-correct lasted exactly one week. Yippee…


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