George vs the Azed Clueing Competition – APPLE-KNOCKER (In which I make the slip, but not for a clue).

Well my clue didn’t get in, but here’s an except from my note that accompanied the clue…

Interesting puzzle, this one – found the right hand side far easier than the left hand side, and the competition word was one of the last ones in.  I have surveyed several of my friends over here of various ages, and nobody has heard of the term or the definition.

So I got a little shout-out in the slip, but no love for the clue.  I found this a real struggle to make anything out of, but here was my clue – I think it may have stretched the rules a little too much (though a similar idea was employed in the third-place clue).

Damn Yankee, outspoken fan of political correctness (in short) (12)

Definition: Damn Yankee.  Wordplay is that shortening political correctness leads to PC, and an outspoken PC fan would be an APPLE-KNOCKER

I suspected the slip would be full of compound anagrams, and it was.  Maybe this upcoming year I’ll submit a clue of this type, but I’m honestly not that big on them.

I’ll confess – I couldn’t finish the Azed Christmas puzzle, so I didn’t submit a clue this time around.  If there’s a big call for it, I can put up  a post about the next competition, but I’ll probably just leave it out.  Got a clue that didn’t make the cut, or worthy criticism?  Feel free to leave it below!




4 Responses

  1. How about something like “…vocal member of the PC brigade?”, so the surface reading implies PC = political correctness, but it can still be cryptically taken to mean personal computer.

    I’m not a fan of comp anag either: I see it as a bit of a last resort (excuse the pun). But resort to it this time I did, and bagged a VHC. So I say bite the bullet!

  2. Congrats on the VHC, I did like your clue. I have a feeling that with the word to clue for January, there’s going to be even more compound anagram &lits, so I’m hell-bent on doing something else… it’s a beast of a word – I’m thinking that maybe Azed picks his least favorite word in a grid and puts the onus on us?

  3. Not a great effort, this one, but it struck me (after considering and discarding all sorts of link words) that the hyphen itself could be exploited:
    Half-wit pupil’s dash to Bristol (5-7)
    Glad I didn’t enter.

    • The use of a singular for breasts got a special mention in the slip, but that’s an neat idea. I’ve got a real soft spot for punctuation contributing to definition or wordplay – there was a clue for ellipsis like that just recently, can’t remember where.

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