A very brief lack of appearance

Welcome back to George v the Listener crossword.  It´s the time of the year where I try to make a major disappearance.  So greetings from an internet cafe in Curitiba, Brazil, and I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Schadenfreude instils fear into me and this was no different.  I managed to solve most of the clues, but I was struggling with most of the asterisked clues, and just could not get a grip on the theme.  It looked like some words could be made vertically across the empty squares (PUCK and the like), but nothing that could constitute a coherent theme.

I spent hours and hours bashing away at this creeping there one clue at a time, but eventually time ran out and I do no have a clue what is going on here.  We´re in a bit of a year-end slump at George v Listener, but hopefully with three (I think) more left in the year there can be a semi-surge to the finish.

Sorry, no scanned grid this week.

Victory to Schadenfreude and the Listener crossword!

2011 tally:  Listener 12, George 37.

Feel free to comment below, though I won´t be around much until the 29th, and see you next week when we break a law with Stick Insect.


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  1. […] a while since we’ve seen the mysterious Schadenfreude – last appearance in 2011 with Brief Appearances, which I couldn’t come close to solving.  Before that was Language Balancing with the […]

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