Welcome back to George vs the Listener crossnumber.  It’s that time of the quadrennium again where we have a mathematical challenge.  And it’s Kea!  Now I know that Kea is going to read this, as he’s a registered email follower of this blog.  That makes him a glutton for punishment (or means that the Listener editors will be pulling the plug any minute).  So hi Kea!

George vs Kea has been a storied battle – most recently there was Table-turning, where I made a right mess of things, but suggested that Kea requests we eat or burn some of the grid before submission (a suggestion that has not yet been taken up).  Before that was Admission with the chopped cherry tree and a complete and utter dismal failure on my part.  Even more before that was Conflict Resolution, which required a Herculean effort of brainwork at the time.  So it’s Kea 2, George 1,  and now Kea is taking a trip into the world of numbers.

By the way, I regularly go to a pub trivia night on Monday nights, and the killer round is numbers – the idea of the round is you have to guess the answer to the question and you score points by how far wrong you are from the answer,  then it’s like golf, the lowest score at the end of the round gets the most points for their team.

I’ll admit, I didn’t keep very coherent solving notes on this one.  The first thing that came to mind was that 25 across had to end in 00.  Then I started with the largest numbers in the clues and was surprised at how few entries there really were that had this property from the preamble (overlapping numbers that are multiples of each other).

I got into a big mess in the top right hand corner early on and was then stuck with no working possibilities for 9 across, but then some back-scribbling and I found where I was wrong.  I know I finished up in the top right corner, and it may have been 1 down that was my final entry in.

This was all done in one session, I think about 2 hours or so while it was raining outside and my young nephews (who were visiting for Thanksgiving) wanted to know why I didn’t want to play games with them and what I was doing with that calculator.

My grid for Listener 4164, 4164 by KeaNumerical crosswords seem to come in two forms – absolute beasts and ones that fall to some gentle nudging.  This appears to be in the latter camp.

Of course my nephews were happy when I finished, not quite so happy when I showed them that I was going to then have a final crack at “Carte Blanche With a Twist”.  They convinced me to be a good enabling uncle and take them to MagiQuest, where they could battle dragons and goblins.

Interesting little puzzle, Kea, but I think I can claim a Victory to George here…

2011 tally:  George 37, Listener 10.  Current streak:  George 2.

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week when Nibor will variate a theme for us.


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  1. […] on most US Thanksgiving holiday weekends, so last year’s Thanksnumber crossword was 4164 (there’s another numbery one in a week’s time, isn’t there?), which I raced […]

  2. […] gave us Scattered, which was an anagram of a whole other crossword (got it), the numerical eponym 4164 (yup), Table-Turning (fail, and missed a chance for grid mutilation), Admission (which I flubbed […]

  3. […] was Scattered, which was an anagram of a whole other crossword (got it), the numerical eponym 4164 (yup), Table-Turning (fail, and missed a chance for grid mutilation),Admission (which I flubbed […]

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