George vs the Azed Clueing competition: ROBUST

Well this is a kind of a pointless post, as I had an error in my grid, thus disqualifying myself from the competition.

ROBUST was not a word that leapt out at me as being interesting to clue.  What’s funny is the first wordplay I thought of was BUS in ROT but couldn’t come up with a good clue to go with it.  Not so the case for R. J. Hooper, who came up with a really nice clue.  I laughed at 2 and 3 having the same wordplay.

I noticed regular reader Dr. E. Young had a nice clue as well.

My clue came from combing Chambers and finding BU as an abbreviation for “Bushels”, and another find that ROST was an alternative spelling of ROAST…

Stout old joint grabbing bushels (6)

to give BU in ROST with a definition of stout.  Alas, my little clue never saw the possibility of the light of day.

In honor of Azed’s request at the end of the slip, I’m thinking of sending my next clue in on a wet beer coaster.  What do you think?  Also feel free to share other non-slip clues.


3 Responses

  1. Here’s my clue:

    Rude outburst: do cut when it’s broadcast

    [anag of OUTBURST minus UT (ut=do in terms of musical notes, according to Chambers anyway), rude as in ‘rude health’]

    Happily this completed an HC hat-trick for me. (At least I assume all the ‘P. Taylor’s in the slips are me, it’s hard to tell with such a common name…)

  2. PS: have you seen the Sunday Times clue-writing competition, now online at ?

  3. Hi George

    My HC was: ‘Vigorous run before old collapse’ R, O, BUST

    A bit daily paperish I guess.

    Still, on to today’s clue….

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