Ge,ge vs the Listener presents: An opp,tunity in Boolean operations missed

Welcome to a special edition of Ge,ge vs the Listener, it was going to come at you live from a pub in Cheltenham, but the internet at two pubs I just tried was really shoddy, so I’ve sunk some pints and headed back to the hotel for a little writing session.  This is my second time to the UK and I’m having a total blast – been hiking in the Dales, went down a coal mine, been on a bunch of random trains, and tom,row I’ll be meeting some crossw,dy folk at the RNIB 3D crossw,d thing in Cheltenham.  On the other side, my mobile phone and computer appear to be having a harder time of it, and I’ve just had to rest,e my laptop after it crashing three times while trying to write this.  Let’s see what is in st,e next, eh?

Well what is in st,e is Waterloo.  Waterloo was the setter for two of my fav,ite Listeners in the pre-blog days – OO Spectacles! and Inflation, or Now We Are Twelve.  I almost finished the f,mer and did complete the latter.  We’ve run into Waterloo twice in Ge,ge v Listener, with fiDlEDE and An Additional Symmetry, each of which I managed to complete. I was a little naughty and started this one at a meeting where I probably should have been paying attention.

OK, strange (and non-symmetric) grid and a brief preamble.  We’re going to find how to enter the answers.  Sounds like we’ll be back in the w,ld of cold-solving for a while.

There is an answer that occupies 1 across (it also occupies 68 across) and it’s a nice gentle anagram of TRANSFORMATION to get us going.  Next up SORTED, can’t figure out the one after that, then we have EORL, LORN and so far everything has OR in it.  Didn’t see the next one, but after that we’ve got MANDE… a few clues later with CANDOCK, CORSET and LANDE it becomes clear what is going on – answers have AND or OR, and if it’s an AND then the halves of the answers go together, if it’s an OR they go in separate places.  I went back to the top and barreled through all the clues once with a cold-solving approach knowing I was looking for AND or OR in all of them… first surprise was seeing MANDATORY… looks like some of these have AND and OR in them.  Sneaky!  There’s a few that go in three entries, does that mean they have two ORs in them?  MORATORIUM sure does, so does CORMORANT.

Took a plane trip with the electronic Chambers to finish off the grid – I didn’t know NYNORSK but as soon as I wrote NYN in to the e-Chambers it knew exactly what I was looking for.  Good electronic dictionary.  My last few in were CORAL, SORN (sneaky how a lot of the ones I didn’t know were the one letter XORY answers), HORST (very cruel to get this near the end, because I still had the two possibilities for the first letter in 23 across trying to fit in SHORT HANDED) and finally, PANDORA (thanks Bradf,ds for PAN) which was a nice finishing touch, I guess meaning P,A in two and PA in another.

That must have been a lot of w,k looking for clues that w,ked that way, I was having a hard time when it got to the last few figuring out which ones I’d done and which ones I hadn’t. But it all got there, and provided plenty of amusement.  I wonder if this is some s,t of rec,d for number of clues to grid size ratio (I make it 48 clues for 120 cells).

I didn’t get to scan this before I left, and my camera isn’t talking to my computer so no grid for you yet.  If you want, tom,row I’ll show you the w,king copy (I carry my w,king copy around with me since I never know when I’m going to write this thing).

I was hoping for a little while that there would be some logic gates theme to this one, and that a NOR was going to pop up.  NANDS and XNORS would be a little tricky to find w,ds for.  It also appears to be easier to find w.ds with OR in them rather than w,ds with AND in them – I’ve written this without consciously trying to include them, but it appears I have written this without any words that have AND in the middle.

But I’m claiming this as a Vict,y to Ge,ge!  Can’t wait to see what letter twist Waterloo is going to come up with next time.

2011 tally:  Ge,ge 23, Listener 6.  Current streak:  Ge,ge 6

Feel free to leave comments below and see you next week for a trip to OZ (and WR) with Theod, and possibly some photos of this trip, since I’ll be back in the US by then.


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