George vs the Azed Clueing Competition: EASTER (Printer’s Devilry)

Well, well, well – before last week I had only ever solved one Printer’s Devilry puzzle (a Listener from last year by Pointer).  Even though I solved it, that one took me over two weeks to work out and now I was faced with a real beast of a task – solve one in two days and then write my own PD clue!  I’d never even thought about how to get through one.

I kept sneaking looks at the crossword after a mind-numing five hour first session got me less than half the grid.  But I did manage a complete grid (I think on Tuesday night) and thus only had a few hours to work on a clue.

How did everyone else go about it?  I split up the word and started thinking of links… E AS TER… EAST ER… EAS TER… I notice that I wasn’t alone in thinking of brEAST ER… as the splitting point, and then the second word hit me like a ton of bricks.  I actually giggled out loud at my own clue.

Failed plastic surgery ends in abruption (6)

And unbedeviled…

Failed plastic surgery ends in a breast eruption

Azed saw fit to include it on the HC, so that’s two in a row to make the honor board!  A special tip of the hat to Peter Biddecombe, who collects his third VHC, all of them for PD clues!

For reference – I entered 10 of the Azed competitions over this “season”, and collected one VHC and one HC.  Feeling pretty good about that, even though it only puts me in a tie for 66th.  Roll on next season!


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  1. […] This week is Pointer – who we first met last year with Double Devilry, the first time I’d tried a Printer’s Devilry crossword, and I turned out to be better at it than I thought – to the point that my first PD clue got a HC in last year’s Azed comp! […]

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