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In loving memory of Dave Henning’s unblemished record, January 2009-June 2011

Welcome back again for my blog regarding a series of crosswords. Noye by Samuel is our challenge.  Samuel’s crosswords discussed here number five, including a big fail on a yule classic, however success on Conversion, a game of pachinko, a show of hands, and Sir Isaac being brained by an apple gives me hope.  I also see Samuel is in Qid, so my record is a good 4.25-1 versus Samuel (and Qid).

Across answers suffer (and appear having a reduced number of cells), barred cells and a problem facing down clues.

No 1 across visible, so a check of 2 across gives a word usually preceded by KAMA.  Clues could be solved readily, and I could see early on Samuel’s aim – while each answer possessed one or more of a specific, shall we say, “rune”; no clue had said same rune.  Removal of our rune from answers was key for filling Noye’s grid!

I laughed merrily upon discovering Samuel’s folly.  If said rune were added in down clues, new words appeared and clues became solveable.  Armed so, I nearly finished in one session, some clues held firm (6 across was a considerable hold-up).

Back for a second session using web resources (adding runes on known runes in word wizards was very helpful) and a full grid smiled upon me.  Seemed like closed cells needed a rune never seen in my grid – I was held up for a while by adding my rune above 6 down which looked like a good warning opening – I remembered a similar grid where a word needed shading (a big M) and found shaping my rune provided a word one could consider as explaining our puzzle (and one of my hobbies!).  Said rune may also be used in a SI measure, so EMPUS had already been in my mind – and his friend FUGI is handily across. Combined, maybe a Greek symbol for our rune? Woohoo!  I believe we are finished.

My grid for listener 4142

symbol splashing?

I’m claiming call a win for George in a fun (and mercifully brief, as I was far behind on solving) challenge by Samuel.  Clueing minus a rune is hard and painful, and I have no idea why anyone would mimic your self-imposed hardship in compiling.

2011 summary:  George 19, Crossword 6.  Noye marks my second in a row.

Add your opinions below if you so desire, and see you in a week when we do a line on Charybdis.

11 Responses

  1. Quick, change word preceding “Qid”, before someone else sees!

  2. Buggerit!!! I even copied and pasted it into word and searched for t’s, I thought I had them all. By the way, on original writing, there were 5 accidental t’s, so that was quite a feat by Samuel. Wonder if any had to get edited out of his too?

  3. Well done on preparing a blog minus Noye’s missing rune! A good job Dave’s name (or my pseudonym, or Charybdis’ name, and so on) are all similarly lacking.

    I’m abandoning the lipogram now to say that if you are beating me so badly (4.25 to 1), I’ll make a special effort just for you to make Samuel puzzles more difficult in the future!

  4. And no, prior to submission I searched the Word document for the letter ‘T’, and it came back ‘not found’. Very tough, though – I’m not setting myself that challenge again.

  5. Thanks – that was fortunate, I figured your psuedonym lacking a T played into choosing the theme. I did have a stray T in the first version (as Paul pointed out in his comment).
    I don’t think it’s that your puzzles aren’t hard, it’s just that usually if I crack the theme, I can make it to the finish.

  6. I (with my Elite Solving Team) was staring at a filled grid for a worryingly long time before finding PROCRASTINATION. Was convinced that the word would be going down the central column and the warning phrase would make the bar of the T.

  7. It doesn’t work well with trying to do the blog without T’s but my final step started the same way – I was pretty sure Ts had to go in the blocked-off squares. However OXICTINATIONA was not looking good. I saw OXIC and thought TOXIC and was trying to make a warning involving TOXIC WASTE or something of the like, that was going nowhere.

    Started looking for lines related to lost time – TIME, TEMPO, and saw the P that could be part of TEMPUS, but that doesn’t involve the boxed-off squares, so save for later.

    Since we were highlighting (or shading in this case), chances are both boxed-in squares were going to be used, which would make a big I going down the middle… that could be turned into a T by shading EFAC-MSPI or UPROCRASTR – which is where I saw PROCRAS+TINATION, which leaves TEMPUS to be part of the other thematic stuff.

    Probably a half an hour between finishing the grid and seeing what to shade.

  8. Too kind with your dedication, George, but trust me … I consider the last 2½ years just a warm-up for what’s to come! And who better to start with than Samuel.

  9. Couldn’t resist a little last-chance ribbing – go for it! I think my record is still 10 in a row.

  10. I think my record is somewhere in the 30s, Dave, so I can only dream of a two-and-a-half year run. It’s an excellent achievement!

  11. […] incognito hiding in a Fibonnaci series in 8 by 13,  putting a big T in the middle of a grid in Noye, having us construct an Advent calendar in Great Expectations, the poetry of Ali in Conversion, a […]

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