George vs the Azed Clueing Competition – AL CONTO

Well, I woke up this morning to two congratulatory emails!  After several attempts, I not only cracked the list, I made it up into the echelon of VHC-ness!  Maybe it was Azed’s illness addling his brain (hope you are feeling better, Azed!), but the following clue was seen fit to be Azed Slipped for posterity.

Drinks, discounted nearly 50%, strangely not charged per item. (two words)

I don’t think I’d ever seen al conto, but the possibility of alco(hol) as the first part of the clue jumped out at me straight away.  The only thing better would be cheap alcohol, so my nearly 50% discounted drinks just leaves me NTO, and we have a chance to put the anagrindicator in the middle of the wordplay and a surface that is remarkably intact.

Wow!  This means that I am now in equal 61st place on the 2011 Honours list, tied with luminaries such as T.M. Crowther, M. Goodliffe and P. McKenna.  It also means I get my very own page on the &lit archives!  I am far more excited about this than I should be.

Big big thanks to Paul McKenna for comments and criticisms on some of my previous attempts at the Azed slip.  Roll on July!


5 Responses

  1. I think ‘George versus AZED’ is a good spin off!

  2. Thanks! I see we’re even on VHC’s but you’ve got way more HCs than me – did you enter this one?

    • No, I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile. But I enjoyed solving it. I think Sunday’s may be a special, as we’ve had a run of ‘Plains’.

  3. I’d like to second the comment of my neighbour (and hospital pal) Andrew. Your clue was a beauty: I tinkered for a bit with ‘pop out for a drink’ (ALCOpop), but couldn’t make anything of it, and felt myself lucky to get a VHC for a fairly anodyne effort. Your Listener and Times blogs are a joy – keep up the good work!

    Eddie Young

    • Hi Eddie, thanks for checking in. I liked your wordplay – I remember really liking your clue for THRENETICAL. I’m all fired up for this weekend now (and an opportunity to get smacked back down to obscurity).

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