George vs the Times Crossword Club Clue Challenge: DEAD-LETTER-BOX

I’ve been a bit slack at entering clueing competitions lately, but the deadline for this one was extended, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Initially I was trying to avoid an anagram, but I saw a possibility with an anagram indicator that I really liked for the surface.  Here was my clue…

Where Bond may find the message “Mobile deleted. Abort. – X” (4-6,3)

Richard Rogan’s comment:

A straightforward anagram clue. It really needs a question mark, as it only describes a possible dead-letter box scenario. I suppose \”mobile\” could refer loosely to a mobile telephone number rather than the actual phone, otherwise the message content seems rather implausible.

He’s right about the question mark (done in by punctuation!).  Not sure I agree with the second part, since mobiles, both the number and the phone themselves can be deleted.  Anyway, that was that – I liked the winning clue a lot.  Another for the wall of shame.


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