George vs the Azed Clueing Competition: THRENETICAL

Another month, another entry in the Azed comp without success.  Though this one was certainly to be expected, as I was told after sharing my clue with another non-successful entrant, that Azed does not like science, so of course stupid me went all chemistry with the surface. Here’s my clue…

Regretful frantic substiution of fluorine for thorium (11)

Wordplay:  Replace F with TH in FRENETICAL

More classic overthinking – anyone else notice that every single clue in the Azed slip this month is some form of anagram?  I figured “everyone else is going to do an anagram, let’s stand out by not doing an anagram”.

Wrong.  Twice.

Next Azed comp should be along this Sunday, so let’s see what fine mess I can make out of it this time!


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