Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, and it’s another “I’m pressed for time and haven’t scanned my grid” entry. Though if you’ve come here in search of excellence you’re way way off in the wrong place.  Note – I’m now a little later than usual, but I did manage to duck out and scan my entry.

This week we’re tackling Ups and Downs by Llig.  Llig has a long history of Listener crosswords, this is a fourth appearance in George v Listener – last year there was a puzzle based on a pun – Atom Smasher, before that crossed stars in Raj, and we started off on the edge of Wenlock with Half a Ton.

So if I’ve already successfully solved three Llig puzzles, there shouldn’t be too much sting in this one, right?  All clues are normal except for nine with extra words.  Across entries normal, so at least the across part of the grid has real words that can be cheated upon.  Off we go…

There is a 1 across, and true to Llig form, we’re off in a T,IN,G.  At least I’m pretty sure it’s TING, but that would mean that DISTEMPER and AGAPE are modified. There’s a T in DISTEMPER and a G in AGAPE so maybe it’s jumblytime again?

That means I need a new place to start off the grid.  Fortunately here’s 6 across and S,C,ARCHER.  This one at least does (probably fit with CAN(N)ON, but not DRI(F,T)ER or ARIA.  That’s rather a lot of down answers modified.

Good news is that I managed to work through enough of the acrosses in one setting to have a start on a grid, and it looks like the letters of the down answers I have all belong to the across entries.

SLANG, SEVER and SECTS give the game away though, with their extra words of EVERY VALLEY EXALTED.  I’m no Bible Scholar (no, really), but there’s enough on the interweebs to tell me that I’m meant to go to ISAIAH (whose buddies ISAAC and ISMAEL are already at the party) 40:4 – EVERY VALLEY EXALTED, EVERY MOUNTAIN AND HILL MADE LOW.

So from those down entries up in the top row I have to move up TEMPE, GAP, VALE, RIFT, COL and RIA (thanks Bradfords!), and from the ones in the bottom I have to move down MAN, TEL (which I see I’ve put an exrta L into for some reason), MESA, OSS, ALP and… bugger it, what is 22? to the bottom.

Which left me the problem of the missing 22… and that was a bigger to find.  I thought that the part at the bottom was PILE for a long time and was working on possibilities.  But eventually (thanks again Bradfords for PIKE), I hit on SPIKERUSH actually being a plant (and fitting the wordplay, even better).

That was rather fun, most of it done in four sessions, and I know I have a misprinted T in this grid, but I’m going to claim it.

My grid for Listener Crossword 4132, Ups and Downs by Llig

Geotopographical nightmare

That was fun, and a bit of a breather after last weeks (to be honest, I finished this well before the torus one).

Victory to George!  2011 tally:  George 12, Listener 3.  Current streak:  George 7

Feel free to leave comments below and see you next week when Tiburon promises us something All New.


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  1. Well now I check the solution and I have not only my typo but I’ve also messed up ISMAEL – should be ISMAIL. I guess I should count this as a loss now.

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