Hy Id Ugeas Ross He Oad?

Hi, and welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.  I’m out of town again and as it turns out, I don’t have wireless, so I’ve sneaked on to an office computer to make a very quick post.

Augeas is a new one to me, and I upped the difficultly level by printing it on a strange printer in California which left of the first few characters of each line and the leftmost set of grid squares, so it was a lot of fun on that plane when I got started.  On the other hand, I managed to get through the clues that were there pretty well, and even though I didn’t know where the across clues were meant to go, I had a remarkably decent looking grid.

Back at my own printer, and we’re away – I had PUBLIC and MONARCHY from the messages, and a bit of googlyooglying nets that quote.

I spent a lot longer finding names for chickens (forunately they’re all in Bradfords, but scattered among CHICKEN, FOWL and HEN), and jigsawing them together… here’s my final grid

My grid for Listener Crossword 4130, Rattle by Augeas

I think it’s a victory, but I’m going to have to wait until I get back tonight to really know.  So check back later!

Hey, if you checked back later, looks like I did manage to get this one out, woohoo!

This one was a Bradfords fest – with the solving of the clues it seemed when I was stuck, Bradfords came through with the answer – CHEWET for pie, CAR for charles, CLADODES for branches and GRIP for ditch, and then all the feathered friends, of which only LEGHORN and RHODE ISLAND RED came to mind immediately.

A fun use of a quote, so thanks Augeas – and Victory to George!

2011 tally:  George 10, Listener 3.  Current streak:  George 5.

Feel free to cluck below, and see you next week to Tore into a Carte Blanche with Ten-Four


2 Responses

  1. […] this week – the first Augeas Listener last year had us hunting and pecking for hunters and peckers, and I remember the end of it taking a long time.  This time we have 42 clashes in a 12X12 grid […]

  2. […] has been here twice before – in O Gather Twelve, we had the great vowel shift, and in Rattle there were a bunch of chickens.  I managed to get both of them out with a fairly minimal amount of […]

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