Now that’s chemistry – mixing elements!

Welcome back (really) to George v Listener.  I’m back in town for a while having taken care of the California thing.  I got volunteered on the way back from LAX to Atlanta so didn’t make this post in time, but it gave me the idea for a little April Fools joke (which I think I posted around 1AM on April Fool’s Day Pacific times, so I was in the time frame).

So now to Ringtone.  The only Trev Listener I have tried was the contribution to Quadrivium, which I never really got started on, so Trev is essentially a new setter to me. Gentle preamble, wordplay wonky in every clue, a message and something to be written under the grid.   Good news is that looks like all real words in the grid with definitions, so Word Wizards should be able to help me out when I get stuck.

There is a 1 across, but a fail on the 1 across test originally as I couldn’t figure out the clue.  We’re off to a better start on 7 across, with CAR,A,CUT shrinking to CARACT.  The grid started filling up pretty steadily from the New England corner.  The clues were very well-written and I didn’t need electronic aids for the most part. The message started forming from the bottom up – TITLE COULD BE, then NUMBER OF, SUM OF… and would you believe that last part (though I was hoping that would be the case) was the most crucial part – ATOMIC.

Here’s one of the rare times where being a poor solver but a chemist helps.  I saw the title RINGTONE and my finally-obtained 1 across MUSCADIN and saw that they were anagrams of NITROGEN and SCANDIUM.  So I was pretty sure the last word in the message was ATOMIC although I still can’t see where the T and M come from (yes, those two answers went in from Word Wizards).

So a complete grid and time to hunt for those elementanagrams.  Pretty nice feat to get nine of them into a crossword!  I thought I’d have a guess at the atomic numbers from memory, and did OK, though I messed up sodium and radon originally.  A peek over to webelements to confirm the numbers and we have a sum of 489.

My grid for Listener 4128, Ringtone by Trev

No room for GENT'S NUT?

I’m a sucker for a Chemistry themed crossword, and thanks to Trev for getting it in during the International Year of Chemistry.  And in a rather amusing coincidence, my trip to California was for a conference where I presented on the International Year of Chemistry, and did interviews about chemistry with a bunch of kids and parents at the Discovery Science Center (no comedy on this trip, though I threw a bunch of jokes into my presentation).  I contributed an American style crossword for kids with a theme of recyclable plastics.

George and Goofy, Anaheim, May 2011

Pop quiz, which of these is best known for messing things up?

This was a single-sitting solve for me, but it was a late Friday night in this case, I think the whole process took me about 3 hours.  Thanks, Trev, that was a really fun challenge and I enjoyed unravelling the theme.

Victory to George!  2011 tally:  George 8, Listener 3.  Current streak:  George 3.

See you next week (and there really will be a post on time, probably) when we LAment letters with Tangram


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