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The end of George v Listener.

Welcome back to George versus the listener.  All good things must come to an end, and having only improved marginally in the last three years, and facing the wrath and derision of those on the message board, it is time to pack it in and call it quits.

April fool – actually I’m stuck in LA another day and won’t be back until very late tomorrow night, so I’ll have a post on Ringtone, which I rather liked, on Saturday.

6 Responses

  1. I do hope the date of posting means we should not take this at face value.

  2. C’mon, George.
    At this side of the universe we don’t even observe today, and certainly not after noon. So can we at last hear what you think about JG’s effort?

  3. Is today’s date significant in the US and Australia?

    I certainly hope so!

  4. A jokers’ day, a joker’s site – and something I trust is nonsense!

  5. come back George if you have really gone. your friends outnumber these horrible critics – where can i read these wrathful and derisive comments btw?

  6. Just in case, make sure you highlight over the last part of the post.

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