Some Pruning And Dropping?

Welcome to George vs the Listener, and I’m afraid it’s going to be another short post – I’m in California (and I didn’t bring a scanner with me), the weather is miserable, and there’s a hungry mouse that needs to be fed all of my money.  Support your starving anti-semite cartoonist!

This week we’re up against Wasp, who has appeared here twice – 2009’s Phoney with the tele- theme and one of my pet favorites from 2008, Symbolism.  Both of which I finished!  Let’s see – down clues are normal, though eight of them have no definition.  All across clues need some modification before going in, though from the letter lengths it looks like we’re going to drop or replace some letters.

Skip the 1 across test, lets try the 1 down test.  CAP.S around LE and we’re away.  I did a bit of down clue cold-solving to start and found a bunch of easier ones mixed with stinkers.  One of the “lacking definitions” popped out quickly as PEN|D,A|NT.  Back to the acrosses, it did look like some letters were being dropped, but not consecutive ones.

32 across of all things broke the code… H,ALLOY,SITE (yay for that degree in Chemistry), and I had all the checking letters except the one from 24 down, compared with AIRSPACE below it – every second letter had to be dropped, but the last two stay intact.  That takes 8 letter words down to 5 spaces and 10 letter ones to 6.

Hmmm… well knowing that pattern, I filled in the rest of the unknown acrosses, and with only a few unchecked letters, that was about all there was.  I never quite figured out what was meant by the undefined entries?  PENDANT and CHEAT point at DROPPING something.  Not sure what the rest have to do with the theme.

In the spirit of CHEAT though, I have a complete grid, I’m pretty sure it’s all right and that’s all that was needed.  I’m reallycurious what I missed here, and will go check it out later.  But for now, let’s grab the old digital camera and see if we can get any compromising photos of cartoon characters getting punched in the groin!

See you next week for downloading Trev’s ringtone!


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