Listener 4126: Vale Viking

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, and Listener 4126, Arthurian Legend by Corvettes.

Let’s keep this one brief, Listener 4126 was a tribite to Viking, editor of the Listener Crossword, who passed away last year.  I suspect that this puzzle was compiled by at least one of his fellow setters (none of whom owned up to me their involvement), and it was very good, challenging, and I shouldn’t be making bad jokes about it.

My original grid for Listener Crossword 4126, Arthurian Legend by Corvettes

Before the rotation of the radials

The title and finding a V and K misprint early (although would you believe my original finding of a V was in the wrong place – I thought the wordplay for 16 was VETTER, instead of the much simpler anagram) gave the game away, and once I knew what I was looking for, things came together without a bunch of fuss.  Saw the quotation from THOU and started to piece together the Thomas Malory quote with the altered final word – THOU WERT THE KINDEST MAN THAT EVER STRUCK WITH CROSSWORD.

My final grid for Listener Crossword 4126, Arthurian Tribute by Corvettes

The finished product!

A fine tribute and a new use of the round grid, I’d never seen one with a message hidden that way!  George vs Viking finished on a 2-1 score, I completed Primordial and Lots but failed on Quadrivium.  We can file this one away too in the victory column, I hope.

2011 tally:  George 6, Listener 3.  Current streak:  Listener 1

Check back next week to find out what’s playing on Wasp’s S-PAD


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  1. […] and bruised).  Kea has since been revealed on the Listener website to have had fingers in the Corvettes puzzle (a tribute to Viking, which I got) and with Viking, as Kevin (a tribute to 1000 Listeners in […]

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