George vs the Times Crossword Club Clueing Competition: RUBBER CHICKEN CIRCUIT

Interesting competition this one – that was an unusual word to clue, I’d never heard of it, and the definition in Chambers was not overly helpful.

My first thought was “there’s no point in having a three piece charade for rubber,chicken and circuit using alternative definitions and throwing them together to make a five or six word clue”.  Of course I couldn’t have been more wrong, as that’s what the winning clue was!  Instead I opted for the tried and true route of clueing a long strange looking phrase and made an anagram of it.  Well most of it.

And did I get the smack laid down…

Here was my clue

Whistle stop tour recipe mixed kitchen rub with cubic rice (6,7,7)

Explanation:  Wordplay: R(ecipe) plus anagram of “kitchen rub” and “cubic rice”.

The suggestion was that I didn’t use an accurate definition (though it was the same definition as a runner-up), and the anagram material was unconvincing from the surface point of view (point taken there, I was trying to invent an insipid recipe).

Mind you, I’m not going to be too upset by this one, another of the runner-up entries clued the KEN in CHICKEN using “US State”.  I know Chambers confirms KEN as short for Kentucky, but I don’t think that’s in use anymore.

We’ll see what March’s competition brings.


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