George vs the Azed clueing competition: HENOTIC/OVERAWE

Another Azed competition has come and gone and I continue my blank slate.  I have a feeling my entry here may have missed the deadline though, I had real troubles getting started on the grid, and didn’t get my entry in the post until Wednesday.

Of course, having to come up with siamese twin clues, I may have crossed the transitive/intransitive barrier, which I’m sure will come up on the Crossword Club website soon.  Here was my effort…

Some few are voiced when backed by cow given to reconciliation when missing a point of the internal conflict at first (7,7)

Wordplay Analysis:  hidden reversed:  deciOV ERA WEf, then WHEN – W, O(of), T,I,C (initial letters).

I was trying for an overall “Animal Farm” theme, not sure if I got it.

Anyone else care to share failed clues, or tear mine to shreds?


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