George vs the Times Crossword Club Clue Challenge: FORCEPS

This was my first time submitting a clue to the Times Crossword Club Clue Challenge, and I came in just in the deadline, though wordplay and a surface came to mind almost immediately on seeing the word.  Here is my clue…

Instrument loud then soft in muddled score (7)

Well it wasn’t a winner, nor a runner up, but it appears that there was at least nothing inherently wrong with my clue, Richard Rogan writes…

“Wordplay: F plus P in anagram of SCORE. A good, straightforward clue with a nice musical surface.”

So I’ll take that as an encouragement.  Every clue gets feedback in this competition, so it seems like a pretty good one to send in for if you’re working on your clue writing.

Richard Rogan is certainly gentle though… in response to the clue

In favour of mushrooms, the gynaecologist certainly is! (7)

he offers…

“Wordplay: FOR CEPS. I don’t understand the definition here I am afraid.”

I’ll seek out more encouragement in their February competition.


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