You spin me round round baby right round like a proton beam round round right round

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, and as of last week the home of a sporadic series, the Lessener Crossword.  Back to the core mission right now, how close can I get to all-correctish for 2011.

Hey looky that, this week it’s a round grid and Hedge-sparrow.  The massive geeknerdazoid in me is a big fan of Hedge-sparrow who thus far has brought us some science and science-fictiony themed Listeners.  All three of Hedge-sparrow’s Listeners have appeared here – Metrical Variations with the speed of light theme, S with APE becoming MAN in honor of Darwin and Travel Agents with the little wormholes.  Hey, I’m 3 for 3 on Hedge-Sparrow!

I’m pressed for time here, so this may have to be brief… sorry, Hedge-Sparrow, but when I saw the shape of the grid, and the title, and “establishments”, “production line”, “facility”… it sounded like we were in particle acceleration territory and most likely that superdupercollider.

A bit of solving and the two PROTON BEAMS were visible, and the outer ring was likely to be CERN and its Chambers translation – EUROPEAN LABORATORY FOR PARTICLE PHYSICS.

That meant that the third ring was going to be subatomic particles – and that minor in physics and all those publications in quantum chemistry are about to come in handy.  I didn’t know KAONs offhand, but college memories of MUONs, GLUONs, ANTIELECTRONs, NEUTRONs came by pretty fast.

That just left a dozen or so clues that were missing one or two letters… the last to fall were TOOLBAR, EOZOON, UNTRACE and PINGLER.  By the way, the hardest thing for me to figure out was the bit in the middle.  I thought we were looking at some sort of DARK ENERGY or COLD FUSION, but once I saw BOSON and did a little googlyooglying, there’s the HIGGS BOSON.

My grid for Listener Crossword 4119: Mass production by Hedge-sparrow

The best part about this listener is when you flick a switch, it flickers and dies!

Victory to George!  Hedge-Sparrow, that is one amazing piece of grid.  I’m in awe… though I feel a little cheated having gotten most of the thematic material filled in before half the grid.  You might have wanted to be a little more crafty in the title or preamble.  But this is pretty awesome nonetheless.

2011 tally:  George 2, Listener 0.  Current streak, George 2.

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week when we go cross-country with MynoT.


4 Responses

  1. Strange, that! I put HIGGS BOSON in the middle after reading the preamble! I then managed to solve five out of the six Ring 3 clues before even starting on the rest and identified LARGE HADRON COLLIDER as the unentered letters in 19 of the jumbles. Having got that far I put it aside and forgot about it until it was too late to send in, but I’m counting it as a probable victory to Andy if I’d spent another couple of hours on it.

  2. Maybe this should be the challenge – give all the thematic material and make the rest of the crossword subsidiary.
    I also missed the deadline for this more because of all the snow and getting stuck inside than any time restraints.

  3. […] Hedge-sparrow Listener, all four of which have appeared in George vs the Listener Crossword – Mass Production from last year with the circular supercollider grid, Metrical Variations with the speed of light […]

  4. […] tricky clash-resolution tour de force  Here and There, before that was some super colliding in Mass Production, the speed of light  in Metrical Variations, Charlie Darwin in S, and wormholes (hey, they popped […]

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