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Lessener Crossword 1: Harry Potter’s Headache, by Zaphod

The first in a series of guest crosswords, having seen the solving blog and the setting blog, Zaphod has graciously allowed George vs the Listener Crossword to be the home to his/her/snarfle’s next great thematic crossword.  A randomly drawn correct solution will win half of a useful prize.

A guest crossword by Zaphod

Email your solution or feedback to glheard@gmail.com

This crossword is also available as a PDF file:  zaphod_harrypotter

2 Responses

  1. […] are still coming in for the first of a very randomly and occasionally published Lessener Crossword series.  The second Lessener will be coming out soon, so feel free to send me your grids and […]

  2. […] to the first (and to date only, but there may be more) original crossword in GvL history, the Lessener.  By the way, there was one correct solution to that puzzle, congratulations to N. Talbott (see […]

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