Tiny doors, lowered expectations

Welcome back to George vs the Listener crossword for the final Listener of 2010.  I’ve continued to improve on the solving front, and am hoping to make 2011 the year of Very Close To All-Correct (actually, at the time of writing this I know I’m not going to be in time to be all-correct since I missed the deadline for 4118).  Anyhoo, year 3 of George versus the Listener is Samuel, one of the original inspirations for starting a blog of the striving solver as the founder of Listen With Others.  Four of Samuel’s listeners have appeared here, starting with “The Cause Of Much Pain“, then “Motion“, the penny-dropping pachinko puzzle “Playtime” and some Muhammed Ali with “Conversion“.  I managed to get out all of those, though there were a few struggles along the way.

I didn’t get to look at this one until Christmas Eve when I was in Australia and visiting my parents.  Their printer was almost up to the task, I ended up with all the clues and two teeny-tiny grids next to each other.  I packed up the crossword and took it on my travels around Melbourne for the next week.

Grid A has clashes, Grid B has misprints and a new technique, lining up the answers in alphabetical order to get the message from the misprints.  A few pints at the Great Britain Hotel got me most of Grid B and PASTE A OVER B as the end of the message, the first half of it was eluding me.  I didn’t get far on Grid A at all, got the top two lines and MISOBSERVED, but there seemed to be a lot of misprints.

Well from there things were a bizarre disaster.  My brother-in-law promised tickets to the Boxing Day Test, but didn’t get on to it in time and everything was sold out.  So instead of basking in a wonderful day of Australian cricket and downing expensive beers with closeish family, I was sitting in front of the TV with the Listener (and Bradfords) watching Australia slump to an utterly abysmal disaster.  And I finished Grid B and got the message CUT OUT DOORS AND PASTE A OVER B.

OK, so it’s an Advent Calendar, though inside the doors isn’t candy or little prayer scrolls (or airplane bottles of booze which would be in my ideal advent calendar), but the letters in Grid B.  I can see that with the misprints I’ve found on the first row of Grid A I can make SEASONS.

So there’s some sort of seasonal message in here, but I can’t finish Grid A and Australia have just lost the Ashes 3-1 and I’m miserable and on my way back to the US where it’s cold and snowing.  And there’s no way I’m going to be able to cut out sensible doors from these tiny grids.  Everything I love is falling apart and I can’t go on…

My grid(s) for Listener Crossword 4117: Great Expectations by Samuel

This is enlarged

Well the run of luck with Samuel has run out, and the year ends on a Victory to the Listener crossword.

Final tally for 2010:  Listener 13, George 38.  Current streak:  Listener 1

Check back in later for the year 3 wrap-up.  We’ll take a week’s break and see you in two weeks to try something in German with Loda


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