Still can’t figure out WordPress

I wasn’t on wordpress for a week and my post on Glow-worm’s puzzle disappeared.  I thought I’d worked out the scheduling thing correctly then it went on the day before it was meant to, so I went to change it, and it never reappeared.  It’s there now.  The theme I’d originally used to create this page apparently was stolen from somewhere so I need to come up with a new theme too.  Weekend tasks – have a good one!


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  1. Hi George

    I’ve been following your attempts at AZED clues with interest. If you know a successful AZED clue submitter, it would be a good idea to liaise with them via email in the week leading up to the deadline. ZED has very strict Ximenean rules, and an experienced AZED competitor can give much useful info. I am very lucky in that regard. The chap who encouraged me to try AZED puzzles 2 years ago, lives close by. Someone who has won numerous VHCs is a great help.

    Have a look at 7, 13, 31, 32, 1d and 8 in today’s puzzle from AZED. Masterly! There’s a smooth transition from definition to wordplay, and vice versa.

    By the way, I’m still rubbish at solving ‘The Times’. With Chambers and Bradford, I have managed to solve most AZED ‘plains’. I still struggle on the ‘specials’.



  2. Hi Andrew,

    You are right, you have had repeated success with the Azed comp

    Thanks for the message, haven’t started today’s Azed yet though in general I find Azed’s clues a little easier than the Mephisto (I fall for lots of traps though, fell for the SOYA trap a few puzzles ago). I missed that last week was a prize crossword, so didn’t enter that one.

    I tried running one of my clues by a setter who has a few second places, and he gave me some advice. He’ll probably regret your comment!

    I do want to get better at writing clues, and I am going to include some of my crosswords in this blog this year. I have an OK to write a cryptic crossword with (wait for it) no British terms for a popular crossword website.

    So we’ll see – keep reading and laughing!

  3. I will. I enjoy your Thursday blogs for ‘times for The Times’. Wish I were better at Times solving.

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