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Elap wins the Empty Grid Award 2010

The next few weeks of George v the Listener crossword are going to be kind of scatty as I try to figure out time zones.  Right now I’m in Honolulu for a conference (terrible place, I know) and then heading to Australia for a few weeks.

Elap time!  I should be quaking in fear when I see Elap, because of the fairly regular numerical output, I have had the least luck with Elap… last year with Letter Squares I got the grid but couldn’t figure out what to do next. And before that, with Big Holes I saw the theme but couldn’t get through the mechanics.

So now to Three-Square.  I started at this one for ages trying to work out where the entry point was.  I thought it might have been the prime factors of 333333 (and I just realised I think I missed that the second number in j had to be the first number in P and that would have been it, wouldn’t it?).

Wow… writing the blog I think I see how to get in, but this was hours of reading about relative primes, all sorts of crazy triangle types. But it is all for nought, and we have the first (and I hope the last) completely empty grid of the year.

Here’s me looking sad with my empty grid

My empty grid for Listener 4114: Three Square by Elap

Sad grid, sadder George

Elap moves into the pantheon of setters that I just cannot seem to get through – well done, and a Victory to the Listener Crossword.

2010 tally:  Listener 11, George 37.  Current streak: Listener 2

Feel free to leave mocking comments below, and see you next week for a blog that may be written in invisible ink.

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