I have a nightmare…

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, and week 2 of the “Listeners done while in complete agony series”.  This week it’s Pieman – now this is my first Pieman by Pieman I’ve done.  There was the almost empty grid from Pieman as 8, and a complete disaster on Collusion so I knew I was going to be in for some heavy weather.

In a clue-writing frenzy, Pieman gave us approximately 123982784 clues, a nearly carte blanche grid (that we’re meant to add bars to) and some instructions to add bars, remove bars, color bars, change anagrams and find a phrase and a refrain.

It took a few sittings to get a good grip on the grid.  Florida corner came first, then I managed to work my way over to New England, Hippyland and finally the Texas corner.  After a few settings (and the death of two pens), I had everything except 35 down, and I wasn’t sure about 40 down – SETOL is a word, but it may be an anagram of something I can’t figure out.  I added in grid lines and highlighted what I was pretty sure were anagrams.

working grid

first grid for Listener Crossword 4113: Liberty Bell by Pieman

OK, I can see where I can make EVITATE, CHAMADE and  VALHALLA uncheck a few letters (EVIHAMADE) which is starting to look like I HAVE A DREAM from the Martin Luther King Jr speech.

There was a crossword in the Children in Need calendar that had a MLK juxtaposed with Muhammad Ali theme, but I don’t think that would be it here.

The refrain (in keeping with the theme) might be FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM.

But now I’ve got to do something with those anagrams.  Let’s erase them, and colour in the remianing bars in red to see if something sticks out…

My final grid for Listener crossword 4113:  Liberty Bell by Pieman

that's about as far as I could get... oh well

Hmm… I can see THE GAME SOME?  I DO ME?  There’s a lot of blank letters in that region of the grid… maybe something in a square around  line 5 and line 13?

I’ll admit, I’ve been staring at this grid until this morning waiting for something to jump out at me and I am drawing a massive blank.  I even live in America, if I find it’s some obvious American theme I’m going to be really peeved.

But no theme is forthcoming… so you win again, Pieman.  When I finally get around to solving most of your clues, then I fail at the theme!  Next time, next time…

Victory to Pieman and the Listener Crossword.  2010 tally:  Listener 10, George 37.  Current streak:  Listener 1.

Feel free to comment on my inabilities, or any ideas you have for getting rid of MRSA (at the time of writing this, I still have an open wound and I’m getting sick of it).  See you next week for a trip around the three-square with Elap.


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  1. […] BAR KEY WEST and EL FLORIDICA HAVANA.  And as in a trick that I totally missed a while back (the Martin Luther King Jr. one) we can make out HEMINGWAY from the bar pattern in the grid, if we make that central cell […]

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