A single-cup crossnumber

Welcome back to George vs the Listener. You guys really love failure – last week’s write-up saw the most hits since… well my last failure. It seems that the worst thing I can do for this blog is get better at the Listener.

This week it’s crossnumber time with Viking. Viking was a part of Quadrivium, and also that year a little Proust-y fun with Lots.  The preamble made it sound like this one was going to be a logic exercise more than anything – so on Saturday morning, I made a print out of all the primes that fit the pattern, and took it down the road for a cup of coffee.

Before the cup was empty, we had crossnumber!  I started with the two-digit peimes, and maanged to place 17 and 71 first (I realise at the end this might have been even faster if I’d realised that the “leftover” 2 digit primes (32 across and 20 down) had to be 53 and 59.  The three-digit ones fell after seeing which could fit into two of the categories.  Then at the end it was only finding where the few unreferenced primes fell.

my grid for Listener crossword 4101:  Primordial by Viking

Primes primes everywhere!

I bet that took Viking a lot longer to put together than it did me to solve it. Pretty neat trick, getting every prime into a square and symmetric grid like that.

However after last week, I’ll take a quick and dirty victory to George!

(I’m going to have to finish the rest of this up later – maybe that’ll drive up traffic too!).


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