A beauteous mishmash

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, and another rush job today,  I’m afraid, I’m pressing a deadline to head to Durham, North Carolina to perform for a bunch of high school kids.  How the mighty have fallen!  But before I ease on down the road, here’s what happened.

Kea… well I’ve run into Kea twice, first in Conflict Resolution which was an absolute beastie of a puzzle that eventually turned into a jigsaw. I solved that one, but last years, Admission, saw a crashing bucket of failure and I didn’t get close to spotting the theme.

The common theme in those were that some words were going to have to be moved around, and a first glimpse at Table-turning, with the lack of solid blackness around the edge of the grid and I think we’re heading that way again.  What a preamble!!! Three types of clues, normal, wordplay leads to extra letters and jumbles, wordplay leads to missing letters and jumbles.  Quelle Horreur!

I did invest in WordWeb’s version of the online Chambers so I now have something very close to the full Chambers when I’m on the road (as I will be this weekend for whatever comes next).

There is a one across, but it’s hidden somewhere in the middle and I can’t work it out.  So I go back to the top of the clues… can’t make anything out of 16 across, but the one after it looks like a great opportunity to do a full-text search of “falcon” in Chambers and looky here – HORUS pops up.  So there’s one letter missing in the wordplay, and it’s HORS(E).  So that has to be jumbled and go in 7 down.

I can see why people are using these online thimgamajiggys, and I’ll be abusing the hell out of it from here on in.  Putting in words that stuck out as definitions into a full-text search yielded UTU (for 31 across), VOGIER (for 23 across), and RAWING for 35 across.  I started by entering the normal answers I could figure out, and saw that I had mis-read the jumble thing – it’s the wordplay that leads to the grid entry, but the grid entry is a jumble of the defined answer plus or minus a letter.

THEBE for 11 down and AUTEO for 27 down made me go look for “THE BEAUTEOUS” on google, and there’s Wordsworth and a poem called “The Tables Turned”.  So I guess that’s my phrase… when I put in MISSHAPES THE BEAUTEOUS FORMS OF THINGS WORDSWORTH around the perimeter, that seems to work for 5 across (SPATHES+S becoming S(SH)A,PEST), but it’s not going to work along the bottom where I think the wordplay in 38 across is leading to OS,M,ROO.

And there we have it… I bashed and banged away, but these wordplays are getting the better of me, and I am missing about a third of the answers.  I can’t make anything of the message – CUT IN THE something OF  and then a mess of letters.

You have outdone me, Kea!  And the battle of George v Kea swings back in the Kea direction.

My grid for Listener Crossword 4100: Table-turning by Kea

Ummm, well the quotation is in the perimeter!

Probably some sort of manipulation to get it to work, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out.  Can’t wait to see what I missed out on, I’m feeling pretty thick about getting this close and not seeing the end.

Victory to Kea and the Listener crossword.  2010 tally:  Listener 6, George 28.  Current streak:  Listener 1.

When you put “Table-turning” in to YouTube, this one comes up, so for you three remaning fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, here’s “Table Are Turning” by the new Nana Mouskouri, Eleftheria, Eleftheriou

Feel free to point out my inadequacies below, and see you next week for a crawl in the Primordal ooze with Viking.


7 Responses

  1. Oh dear George, unfortunately you missed out on a classic denouement as you’ve probably realised by now. Still at least you admitted defeat even after identifying and entering the quote. Unlike one particularly vociferous Answerbank correspondent who I ‘m fairly sure considered the puzzle all but solved having gotten that far.
    That definition search in Chambers sounds like it could be hugely useful, but apparently not useful enough in this case!


  2. I had to fly out after writing up my thingy yesterday and only just read the Listen With Others description. Disappointed I missed a chance to take a pair of scissors to the crossword, I wonder when Kea is going to ask us to burn some or eat some before submitting?

  3. OUCH! I did myself even fewer favors, I just discovered, by putting SULCAL in the wrong spot! No wonder I couldn’t work out the bottom left half of the grid. Dumbass!

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  5. […] numbery one in a week’s time, isn’t there?), which I raced through.  Before that came Table Turning, which I failed at horribly, and missed out on an opportunity to chop up the grid, the much lauded […]

  6. […] which was an anagram of a whole other crossword (got it), the numerical eponym 4164 (yup), Table-Turning (fail, and missed a chance for grid mutilation), Admission (which I flubbed mightily on a puzzle […]

  7. […] which was an anagram of a whole other crossword (got it), the numerical eponym 4164 (yup), Table-Turning (fail, and missed a chance for grid mutilation),Admission (which I flubbed mightily on a puzzle […]

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