How do you make a Maltese cross? Spill beer on his shirt!

Welcome back to George versus the Listener crossword, or as it’s been lately, George versus a travel schedule – I’m going to be in Asheville for the next few months, let’s see if that helps with the prompt solving schedule.  Or something like that…

Schadenfreude time!  I first encountered Schad back in the old blog with a pretty terrible failure on Terminal Suspension (though I got some of the theme), and then came within one clue on Overhead Reduction (claiming that one as a win anyway, under GvL rules).  Not too long after there was BAT which was similarly, one letter away from the checked answer.  So by the hard and fast rules I haven’t conquered Schaddy at all, though I’ve gotten the most out of two puzzles.  Let’s see how I do this time…

Removals from clues, and empty spaces! Phrase to go in them and some sort of polygon to be drawn.  Real words all over the place, sounds like a good one to have the computers at the ready for.

Except that I was on the road again and didn’t have much of an opportunity to look at those aids.  Oh well… there is a 1 across and I couldn’t make head nor tail of it, not see a convenient letter or word to be removed, so moving on…

Bit more luck with 7 across – EB,R,O and C removed.  Crossing that is ODESSA, and what Bradfords suggests could be BETEEM (so we have one gap in 8 down), extra MEM, and what I think is ENURNS (extra MOVE).  This came together in two quadrants – the bottom left and the top right fell together pretty easily, but I had a harder time with the other two opposite corners.

For once my random knowledge was a boon!  I love movies, I have spent a bit of time in projection rooms, and when I saw FILM PROJECTOR from removed letters at the end, I thought we were looking for a shape to do with a projector and that would have to be a MALTESE CROSS.  The spaces I’d found were in regular positions, and I could extrapolate those out to make the shape of a Maltese Cross.  I suspected the rest of the message was the definition of the film projector Maltese Cross in Chambers, but I was still a week away from being back home with the Big Red Book.  Reminder:  I do not have an iphone or droid or any mobile device that can carry Chambers.

However on the plane on the way back home I was pretty happy of how things were going – I had the cross in place, which helped me finish off 39 across – I was so sure CADE was going to become CADGE I’d already written a G in there. It also gave me the letter to put between SIRS and SHAMERS.

I still had a few words left to get me to a finish – I was convinced 24 was PORTS (STROP reversed) and had to get to Chambers to find out I’d made that up.   ROOTS works, and I’m pretty sure 38 is ODIOUS but I couldn’t make out the wordplay. Also needed word wizards to get ALDIS LAMP and LOGGIAS.  Now watch one of those three be wrong!

Looking back, this one is a miracle – I didn’t think I was going to get there, and many clues went through a bunch of answers – 12 across was everything from SHIVA to NUBIA until I figured the shape and knew there couldn’t be a blank there.  but here we are and I’ll keep the old fingers crossed.

my grid for Listener crossword 4098: Language Balancing by Schadenfreude

My grid for Listener 4098: Language Balancing by Schadenfreude

And with that I’ll call it a Victory for George!  I liked this one a lot, bug boost by getting the theme early.

2010 tally:  George 27, Listener 5.  Current streak:  George 4.

When you put “Language Balancing” into YouTube, a bunch of odd things come up, but this was the oddest.  I think she’s serious, and she’s got amazing graphics – I present to you – Au Pair Answer Mom!

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week for my first descent into (insert demonic sting music) Printer’s Devily with Pointer.


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  1. […] in 2011 with Brief Appearances, which I couldn’t come close to solving.  Before that was Language Balancing with the Maltese Cross theme, which I got, BAT which I was perilously close on, Terminal Suspension […]

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