Drowning, drowning, drowning

Welcome back to George vs the Listener, today coming to you from a secret government location bunkered somewhere in the capital city of this great adopted nation of mine.  If I have to cut this off suddenly, it’s probably because the Man is looking over my shoulder and I have to save and cut and run quickly.  Leave no traces.

This week is Lato – making a fourth appearance here.  First we had “Yes” with the themes of Prime Minister’s names, which I got, followed rapidly by “Explanation” which was a near miss.  Last year saw “Cut Out” which involved Dickens and was a big fail, so here we go with the odds in Lato’s favor, 2-1.

First thing notable was a tiny grid, and then the clues printed out in weird fashion spilling over into three pages.  How can I arrange three pages at the pub, one containing some across clues, one containing all the down clues, and one with a few stray across clues.  Clues clues clues!

Pub solve session led to a pretty decent dent on the left hand side, and very little on the right.  There is a 1 across, and a success on the 1 across test, with some wordplay I remember seeing before – take an I out of PILATES to get PLATES.  Hmmm, so there should be a misprint in FELT, but  I can’t see it.  Moving on…

I was taken by a lot of the wordplay – U, LO, SI(mo,n)S gave me a chuckle, as well as the hiding of PLO.   After a second session on a plane I had all of the left hand side except for the unclued entries and 10 across.  There’s a lot of unclued entries on the right hand side, and the only answers I have in are ENACTS, STEEPENED, HET and TERN.

And then life happened.  I was on the road without Chambers, and without much in the way of quality solving time and opportunity.  And so I’m afraid that is where our story ends… I found SONGWRITER, ROW and LEGITIMATE as extra words, GATC as corrected misprints, and the entry at 15 down looks like it would be LA PURELLE or LA PUCELLE, neither of which make much sense to me, nor bring up much on Google.  I tried one frantic late-night hotel google session to see if I could crack the code, but nothing forthcoming.

I won’t even be home until the middle of next week, so no scan of my rather pathetic-looking entry.

Lato wins again, and moves to an impressive 3-1 advantage over me.  Victory to the Listener Crossword, and I think I can confidently say that writing this post may be the most egregious misuse of a government computer today.

2010 tally:  Listener 5, George 23.  Current streak:  Listener 1.

I can’t get at youtube on this computer, but I have a new laptop waiting for me at the hotel that has a webcam, so I might try a video update later.  Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week to smash the atoms with Llig.


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