I found this Listener totally

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword.  This week we’ve got Bufo, making a first appearance in George v the Listener.  There’s 17 Bufo Listeners out there, but none of them are ringing any bells.  I’m sure I attempted Greetings [from] when it came out, but a read of the solution and I’m drawing a blank.  So hi Bufo, let’s see what we’ve got.

Extra words with misprints, grid entries look like they’re all shorter than the answers in parentheses.  Number of words withheld.

Interesting, not usually that good with modified answers, so here goes nothing.

There is a 1 across, and I fail the 1 across test.  4 across proves to be much more amenable, though it was from the definition – LATCHKEY CHILD and then some piecing together the wordplay elements of LAT,CH,KEY,CHIL(l),D means that DRY is the extra word.  Really?  DRY could become FRY, TRY, WRY, DAY, DIY, CRY, probably even XRY or ZRY (Spenserian for “fence”).  This is going to be tough!

There is a little relief in sight, I can see two of the answers crossing 4 across – an anagram of J,TRAM,OR,TUBE is TURBO-RAM JET and listening to old Goon Shows on Australian radio as a kid, I am familiar with the YING TONG song.  Hmmm… so the T and Y cross with LATCHKEY.  The space for TURBO-RAM JET is three boxen short, and the one for YING TONG is four short.  Can this be as simple as leaving off the last word?

This is looking more likely, as 6 down could be CRA(B AP)PLE and all those letters cross with the TREASURE of TREASURE CHEST.  Hmmm…

Even though I had a bit of a nagging doubt that there had to be something else, approaching the clues as being several word answers with the last word not appearing in the grid gives me a completely filled grid in the matter of two hours or so.  You know, if I hadn’t figured that out, there’s some here I doubt I would have solved – PENITENT FORM was found from trawling through Word Wizards, it was obvious the first word in 17 was going to be STAIR, but STAIR LIFT didn’t come until much later when I was trying to figure out that message.  Chambers came into play to find DOLLY SHOP and SWAP LINE, and I honestly don’t know if 20 is PLATFORM SHOE or PLATFORM HEEL.  However, I present to you, a grid…

My grid for Listener Crossword 4093: Misprinted Auditions by Bufo

I felt bad about having a full grid and not seeing what the point of the crossword was, so I went back to sorting through the misprints.  I could pick out ANSWER from the last six, but the rest is a jumble.

Shrug, and claim a rather half-hearted victory for George.  Sorry, Bufo, you left a loophole open there, and when there is a soft option, I’m all over it!

2010 tally:  George 22, Listener 4.  Current streak:  George 2.

More proof that anything can be found on YouTube – someone put their Yu-Gi-Oh trade binder (ask your local geek) up and it appears when you type in “Misprinted Auditions”.  Not only that, but it’s got over 1000 hits!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments below and see you next week for grouping the Times with Colleague


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  1. Each extra clue word, once the misprint was corrected, was the missing word from an answer somewhere else. That made the puzzle quite a bit easier, I thought.


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