Shouldn’t there be a dinner for this? Congrats on 1000 Listeners, Times!

Welcome back to George versus the Listener Crossword – last week was a bit of a banner week, another setter looked in (hi Oyler – despite what you said I’m still going to gulp when I see your name on a Listnumberer), and pretty high traffic.  Hope you’re all back to see what happened with Kevin, who is either a new setter or a new pseudonym, and may or may not be called Kevin.

OK, hands up who went and googled the date straight away looking for a head start?  Am I the only one with my hand up?  March 1991 does not appear to have been the most exciting year in the cosmos.  I was a student in Melbourne at the time and trying to get in on any comedy writing jobs that were around.  Very little has changed in the intervening 19 years but I’m not a student anymore.  There was some sort of riot in Belgrade but that wouldn’t make for entertaining crossword fodder.  I guess there’s nothing left but to solve it.  17 clashes to be resolved with a code, and that means all clues are normal!  I can’t think how long it has been since there were all normal clues.

There is no 1 across, but the 3 across test is a big win – TR and then an anagram of TRYIN TIME and we have TRINITY TERM.   THORNED and a juicy anagram RHYTINA later I’ve found the first clash.  The California corner sorts itself out pretty readily, and I can see that there’s clashes in the shape of an X.  That’s 9 of the 17 clashes.  And with the pattern of the grid, looks like the other clashes would have to be near the top right or the bottom right (I had all the left side filled, so knew there were no clashes there).

Well let’s look at this set of clashes in the bottom left… the X spells TIMES in both directions.  Penny drop time!  Wasn’t 1991 the year that the Listener Crossword went from being in The Listener to the Times?  Nine letters for TIMES twice, maybe the other 8 are for LISTENER!  A check of the Listener website confirms – the first solution to a Times Listener would have come out around March 23, 1991.  At this point I’d found one of the clashes in the top right (YAMA with PROVOSTRY) and was feeling pretty good about cracking this one.

Second solving session was an amusing tale.  A friend of a friend was in town and his truck broke down.  My friend’s car was out of action.  So as the only person in Asheville with operating transport, I was giving rides left right and centre and waiting at the mechanics for the news of the truck, while frienf of a friend (let’s call him foaf) ranted about how this was going to cost him an arm and a leg and he hates all mechanics who are rip-off merchants.  Suggestions that he buy a more reliable car rather than a gargantuan 4-wheel-drive wide cab van for a single guy who lives in a big city are met with suggestions back that I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, so it’s time for a mechanics solve.

I should have taken a picture of me with Listener crossword spread out across a bench while rednecks argue truck repair in the background.

Good news comes out of this solving session.  I was trying to form the other misprints into another X, but they aren’t coming close to that shape.  The letters from LISTENER are appearing one by one, so I know I’m on the right track.  However I wasn’t getting a letter from the word LISTENER from the intersection of RATTLER and CAGLIARI.  Aaaah… it’s RABBLER! And if NASUTE is a word, they’re making the form of a number 3.  That’s odd.

All becomes clear when I get home and look up the Listener webpage again – this is Listener 4089 and the last Listener Listener was 3089, so the symbol is meant to be 10 cubed.  Hey, no fair, maths was last week! After the necessary changes, here’s my grid.

This one took three pretty short sessions, and was helped by getting the theme early on.  Nice little theme, Kevin, looking forward to your next one, but this one I’m claiming as a Victory to George

2010 tally:  George 20, Listener 3.  Current streak:  George 2.

If you enter “Vive la difference” into YouTube you get a lot of odd looking speeches and the like (I’m not embedding 20 minutes of feminism, apologies to Georgie if you still read this).  But it seems whatever you type in, you can find a pretty terrible mix.  Here’s this weeks!

Feel free to leave comments below, and see you next week to find out if we can refrain from Dysart.


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